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Environmental Hygiene refers to practical control measures to improve the basic environmental conditions affecting the quality of the human health.

HSEO team provide expertise and assistance in the following areas:

Pest Control:

While the effectiveness of pest (e.g. rats and mosquitoes) control programmes remains the responsibility of FMO’s pest control contractor, HSEO renders advice to FMO and PolyU departments on the health and safety impacts associated with pest control measures and related matters including:

  • Coordinate and liaise with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) on pest control, training and environment issues
  • MSDS review of pesticide products
  • Safety advices on pesticide applications on campus

Drinking Water:

On a regular basis, HSEO arranges testing of the water samples collected from drinking fountains and water dispensers on campus through an accredited laboratory.  The test results are compared with the standards prescribed in the World Health Organization's (WHO's) Drinking Water Guidelines.  In addition, HSEO advises departmental users on replacement and cleaning of water filters and water dispensers as well as working closely with the users to address the drinking water quality issues. 

IAQ pre-occupation assessment (Capital and A&A Project):

HSEO conducts Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) pre-occupation assessments for newly renovated offices, classrooms, lecture theaters and meeting rooms to ensure the IAQ parameters are within the acceptable criteria before handing over to the user departments.


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