Safety Week”, the 5th week-long health and safety promotional campaign, is scheduled from 12 to 22 November 2019 this year.  With the success of “Safety Week” in previous years, Health, Safety & Environment Office is going to hold more interesting health and safety activities for the University community.

“Safety Week” won the “Safety Promotion Award” in “Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award” organized by the Occupational Safety & Health Council for three consecutive years.  “Safety Week 2018” is also shortlisted for The 18th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award.

The main theme for Safety Week 2019 is “We’re Safer.  When We Work Together!”.   This year, we strived for University community togetherness in health and safety through education, communication and collaboration.  “Togetherness” is the highlight for our theme.  It is important to highlight the relation of “safety” and “togetherness” among students and staff members from various departments/units.  Individual students and staff members are not working alone for health and safety, but working together for a safer and healthier campus in the University.   

The campaign will begin with the Opening Ceremony on 12 November 2019, followed by a series of related activities. 

More details of the activities to be announced soon.