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Last Name First Name Department Pledge Message
LAI Dennis HSEO Clean Hands Save Lives
CHO Winnie HSEO Clean hands build heathly campus
LOO Winnie HSEO Clean hand before eat, after toilet!
LIN Ada FO Always wash your hands
YU Selina OGUR Washing hands are important but drying them properly is just as important!
WONG pui lee polly ELC Clean hands, show healthy!
FUNG Ka Yee APSS 去完厕所要洗手
NG Daisy AADO Washed hands are beautiful hands!
KWAN Folk Year ISE Cleaner Hands, Healthier Body!
CHAN Ivan HSEO Wash your hands after toilet. Dry your hands before your go.
CHENG Peggy FMO Clean Hands before meal
KWOK Pui Fan ELC  
SHAH Parth Bharat SD Healthy individual, healthy community!
WONG Doris HSEO Clean hands.... Good to health!
POON Cindy RO The key to good health is in our clean hands.
LAU ALISON HSEO Remember to wash your hands!
HAMEED IMRAN ME Cleanliness is half the faith.
LAM Pui Yee, Belle HSEO 洗手!洗手!洗手! (重要事要講3次~!)
KWOK Wilson AF Keep our living place clean and healthy!
NG Tracy CPA 洗乾淨對手
CHEUNG Joyce CEE Wash hands before and after toilet. It keeps both you and the others away from germs.
LEUNG Elle AS Wash your hands and fingers for any germs that lingers.
LAI Nana HSEO Washing hands prevents disease
KRAVTCOVA Anna BME Preventing is easier than treating
HUN Noble AF Washing hands is a good practices for ones daily life.
LI Jiahua ABCT Do wash your hand between and after experiments, or your creatures will enter your body!
MENG Cheng SO Washing hands can protect and rescue ourselves
SZE shun yan ITS 洗乾淨對手,大把好朋友
SO Cho Yi MM Day Day Clean hands
CHAN Mei Yin MM Clean hands stop germs
LIU Jia BSE to be healthy, to be happy~
LI Shiyue CBS clean hands gets healthy body
CHAN Shuk Fan APSS Open, wash them,
Open, wash them,
Bye Bye to the germs!
CHAN TK EE Wash you hand and keep eating good food !
MARUF Md Abdullah Al HTI  
HU Rui LMS  
LI Xinyue EIE Cleaner hands, Better live
WONG Cyrus SHTM Scrub your hands once in a while.
LAW KING SANG BSE bear in mind of washing hand, feel in fresh of healthy living
YUEN Florence CSO Clean hands Stay Healthy
ZHU xiaowei LMS  Washing hands makes you stay healthy.
LOCK Kin Hang FO  
LI Anran CBS Keep clean, keep health.
LI Hiu Wa ITS  
YAN Alfred HSEO Clean hands are healthy hands!
MAK Suk Yin LIB Clean hands before foods & drinks~
WONG Ching Yu FH  
CHUNG Stephanie HSEO Make Hand Washing Your Habit
WONG MAN YI IFE Clean hands
KO Wing Yan CEE  
LIN kathon IFE  
LAI Vann CIHK Clean hands, Save lives
TANG Liliane DISI  
LAI Ada IAO Keep our hands clean to protect ourselves and others from disease.
CHOY Jenny FO Don't forget! Wash your hands!
WONG Marcus IFE Clean hands!!!!!!
wash! waSH! WASH!
ONG Amy FO Wash! Scrub! & Wash!
LAM Mei In SHTM Start your day with clean hands.
MOK Sin Yi AMA  
KWOK Raiko HSEO Clean hands, Save lives or  Washing hands prevents disease
NG Kam Tak CEE Washing hands prevents disease
HO Ho FCE Wash hands can kill germs
LAM Zachary HSEO Washing your hands is giving a helping hand to support good hygiene!
LIM Kitty HSEO Clean Hands to keep germs away!
WONG Ho Cheong UHS  
LAI Tai Ming HSEO  
ZHAO Siming ABCT 作為一個學生物的⋯洗手真的好重要
SIU Wai Kin HSEO Washing hands prevents disease
AU EDMOND ITS Clean hands is important to keep you healthy.
WONG Yat Chun HTI Make handwashing a priority
BALACHANDRAN Anjana BSE Clean hands and knockout the bacterias
TSO Stella RO 記得要洗手呀!
LAM Lydia RO  
CHENG Connie RO  
LIN Helen RO  
HO Queenie RO Washing hands prevents disease
TSANG Shirley RO Clean hands, Good health
CHAU Wing Yee RO  
TSE Sze Po RO Good hygenic practices makes you healthy! Stay clean all the time!
WONG Jimmy ITS Wash Hands
KWOK Kam Kwan FMO Happy handwashing
TSE Tak Kwong FMO Do remember to wash hands
LEE Josephine LIB 勤洗手, 病菌走!
TANG Angie HSEO Clean hands start from you
WONG Amy CSO Always wash hands~~
CHAN Joseph CSO 正確洗手,洗淨雙手!
MAK Ben CSO 洗好手、拍拍手、身體健康揮揮手
SO Ada RO Clean hands, Good Health!
RAMAZANU Sheena SN Wash hands, Save lives
LI Yumeng LMS Washing make you healthier
YEUNG Christine RO  
HUANG lusha SD  
YEUNG Tina RO Wash your hands to keep them clean and prevent spread of disease.
SUEN Pui Wu FHSS 勤洗手 病菌走
ZHAO Xinyue AF Wash hands before you start to eat!
WU Cynthia SN keep hands clean, no way to germs
NG Sidney FMO  
KAN Yui Ming HSEO Good to keep hand hygiene.
CHAN Adam HSEO 洗手, 洗手, 洗手, gogogo
CHAN Hazel CSO  
LOO Hon Sung HSEO Clean & Safe Hands for you & your Family
CHOW Tony RO Have clean hands to protect yourself!
CHAN Tommy FENG 正確洗手七部曲, 防感染防傳染
洗手七部曲: 手掌> 手背> 指隙> 指背> 拇指> 指尖> 手腕
YAN Ran LMS Wash hands often and keep disease away~
VELLWOCK Andre ME Wash your hands after toilet!
LUI Candice HRO 日日勤洗手
LEM Wye hong EIE Hinder antibiotic-resistant bacteria
FU ying AP Washing hands prevents disease
CHUNG Leo DISI Wash your hands,
Clean your hands,
No germs can withstand!
HE Ziyi FAST Wash hands
NG Sandy AS 健康生活,由勤洗手做起。
HE Ziyi FAST Wash hands
DUTTA Shanta CEE One little step can save a life, wash your hand!
MO Wanpin AF Clean hands for a healthy future
WONG Jo IFE "Forgetting to wash your hands can cost lives." ~ WHO
REHMAN SHAZIA CEE If you're dirty & you know it, WASH YOUR HANDS!!
MA Salina LIB Ever since SARS, the first thing I do when returning home is "Wash Hands" - it is an important step to prevent gems bringing into the house!  Remember: Hands are dirty - WASH HANDS!
LEUNG Vanessa RO  
YAKUBU Hanan ISE Washing hands with soap and water have the potential to save the lives of many people. Let's start training young ones to inculcate the habit of washing hands with soap after visiting the washrrom and touching surfaces with dirt.
CHU Chui Ling RO keep the health body.
YANG Xuemei ABCT Washing hands prevents disease
MAC Elite CPA Wash your Hands and Germs will go.
TIN YAU Wong EDC Washing hands prevents disease
SHARMA Manish LSGI Wash, wash, wash your hands, scrub the germs away! If you don’t, they will stay, and cling for the rest of the day.
CHAN Lap Ng Puisar RS Hand washing helps to prevent disease
FAN KA YI SN Disease goes in by the mouth, wash hand kill germs!!
CHUNG Wiliam DISI 洗手才是真朋友
GONG Xinping SD Never forget to care about your hands.
TSE Nicholas IC 董趙洪娉: 千祈千祈千祈,洗手洗手洗手
CHAN Tin cheuk HTI Clean hands help to prevent disease!
CHENG Virginia RO Clean your hands and stop spreading disease!
LAU Cathy CMAO Clean hands. STOP GERMS!
AO Agnes FB Keep clean and wash our hands.
WONG aileen CPA Clean hands, Save lives
SHA Lei FH It is quite simply to clean your hands and safeguard your health. Life is beautiful enough for us to embrace a better future!
YU Yuen Ting SHTM Clear message, Clean hands!
CHAN Jenny RO 支持勤洗手
LEE Alfred SN Clean your hands before you eat!
Remember to wash you hands!
TSANG Ka Hei SN Always clean hands
LAU Wai Ki SN Clean hands
WONG TSZ PUI SN Clean hands
YUEN Lok Yan SN  
CHAN Wing Yee SN Clean hands
TSE Hoi Ying SN Happy handwashing
TSE Hau Yi SN Clean hand to be healthy
WONG Ho Wing SN An apple a day , keep doctor away ; wash your hand everyday , keep bacteria away !
YUEN Tsz Yan BSN  
LIN Yee Ching BSN Clean hands!
LI Wing Ki SN  
WONG Wai Yee SN  
CHAN Oi Lam SN Clean hand, save yourself!
NG Pik Ho SN Clean hands, Save lives
LUI Ka Yee SHTM Clean hands:)
CHOW Jade HSEO Cheers!
TANG Wing Hei SN  
CHAN Sze Pui RS Clean hands in correct way, keep the germs away
TAM Juliana IC Wash your hands stop germs spreading
LI Nga wum ITC Keep our clean hands , keep our healthy life.
WANG Sissi ENGL Clean Hands, Healthy Life
KISUM Mikkel MM Just wash hands, it's not that hard :-)
LEE Billy CPA  
YLO Km FMO Hand clean
HO Wai Chuen CPA  
WONG Helen HTI  
LAM PO YUK LIB 清爽之手, 人皆喜之!
TSUI Janis IC keep clean, healthy life
CHAN Wing Sze SN Prevention is the better than cure and washing hands is one of the easiest preventions.