Organisation Chart 20082019 01

Division 1 - Chemical Safety & Occupational Hygiene*

  • Implement the university-wide central chemical purchase
  • Manage Dangerous Goods (DG) and licensed waste storage on campus
  • Oversee and coordinate the collection and disposal of chemical, clinical and radioactive wastes
  • Implement the regular monitoring program of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all campus buildings
  • Monitor and control occupational health hazards by means of occupational hygiene practices
  • Scrutinize food safety and drinking water quality issues

Division 2 - Biological Safety & Laboratory Safety*

  • Advise on laboratory design and various issues with respect to health and safety
  • Formulate laboratory health and safety related guidelines and to provide related trainings/talks
  • Assist in risk evaluation of research projects subject to approval by the Research Safety Sub-committee
  • Plan, implement and monitor health and safety programs for ionizing radiation sources (e.g. radioactive substances, irradiating apparatus) and non-ionizing radiation sources (e.g. high-power lasers, UV, radiofrequencies, magnetic fields)
  • Carry out laboratory health and safety inspections and pre-occupation safety check for new or renovated laboratories
  • Carry out risk assessments and monitoring for laboratory facilities or operations of special health and safety concern

Division 3 - Engineering Safety*

  • Plan, implement and monitor health and safety programs for engineering labs and workshops, campus facilities and campus events
  • Plan, implement and monitor contractor safety programs
  • Advise and monitor fire safety management programs

Division 4 - Administration, Technology and Professional Services

  • Undertake the core functions on office and budget administration, planning, quality assurance, and publicity
  • Provide secretarial support to various university committees and working groups
  • Develop outreach programs and liaise with Faculties, internal departments, student associations, overseas and mainland student groups and government departments on health, environmental and safety issues
  • Provide quality health and safety information, website contents and accident updates for various university stakeholders
  • Coordinate emergency preparedness and management of health pandemic and communicable diseases
  • Promote safety awareness, collaboration and stakeholder engagement through health, safety and environmental activities and events
  • Explore SMART Technology Application via digital platform to enhance workflow and sharing amongst departments

Division 5 - Training Management

  • Identify training needs of different university stakeholders, including but not limited to employees and students in line with the strategic health and safety goals of the University
  • Create a positive training and learning environment to nurture a risk-based safety culture with safety stewardship and proactive safe behavior
  • Collaborate with departments and training providers on provision of customized health, safety and environmental trainings
  • Develop and maintain centralized health, safety and environmental information system in accordance with legislative and University requirements
  • Analyse, assess, evaluate and monitor the quality and effectiveness of training management system and programmes


* Investigate accidents and provide safety training related to their respective programmes

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