General Statement of Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for its staff members, students, contractors as well as visitors. We will strive to excel in our health, safety and environmental performance continuously by adhering to our Health, Safety & Environment Policy:

  1. With emphasis on personal accountabilities, compliance with the laws pertinent to health, safety and environmental protection and the adoption of reputable standards, and the benchmarking with best practices.
  2. Ensure our staff members and studentshave good awareness of their health, safety & environmental duties and responsibilities.
  3. Secure adequate resources for acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of health and safety facilities and equipment, and the development and continual enhancement of our health, safety and environmental programmes and procedures.
  4. Assess risks from our activities and act responsibly to eliminate/mitigate associated health, safety and environmental risks to tolerable levels.
  5. Foster a safety culture, which aims for excellence in health and safety performance.
  6. Equip our staff members and students with up-to-date health,safety and environmental information.

 General Statement of Environmental Policy

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) pledges to provide a good environment for her staff and students, and to ensure that her activities are complying with relevant legal requirements and conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

PolyU also cherishes campus sustainability. The guiding principles for achieving sustainable excellence and nurturing environmental awareness in future generations are set out in the Sustainability Policy.

Goals of the Environmental Policy:

  • to ensure that all activities undertaken in PolyU are complying with all relevant legal requirements on environmental protection and good practices recommended by governmental departments and authorities;
  • to reduce and prevent the introduction of pollutants into the environment through the implementation of environmental management system; and
  • to communicate and educate all stakeholders, including staff members and students, on legal compliance, environmental protection and pollution prevention issues.