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The Head of a department / school / institute / office / centre / unit assumes the overall responsibility of the health and safety management of his / her department.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Implement the University health, safety and environmental policies through practical departmental arrangements.
  • Assess the risk inherent in the work of their departments and put controls in place.
  • Appoint a departmental health and safety officer to carry out duties as assigned.
  • Provide clearly defined chains of responsibility and lines of communication for health and safety in all areas within their control.
  • Establish departmental health, safety and environmental committee or alternative means of safety organization.
  • Provide the necessary information, instruction and training to enable staff to perform their job in a safe manner.
  • Make health and safety training an indispensable element of teaching at all levels.
  • Allocate appropriate staff time and resources to meet the requirements of the health, safety and environmental policies.
  • Ensure that staff having roles as supervisors carry out their health and safety duties properly.
  • Ensure that safety and environmental protection enjoys high priority when contractors and suppliers are selected and controlled.
  • Ensure appropriate records are kept.
  • Ensure the proper supervision of students.
  • Suspend or stop any departmental activity that is dangerous or not carried out in line with departmental health, safety and environmental arrangements.
  • Monitor health and safety performance actively.