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Departmental Health and Safety officers (DHSOs) are the key safety partner with Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) towards a sustainable safety culture for research and education. Appointed by their respective Heads of Department, DHSOs ensure the implementation of health and safety arrangement at departmental level in accordance with the specific policies, including arrangement of safety training, administration of risk assessment and accident reporting.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Be an official member of Departmental Health and Safety Committee, if established, or attend meetings of alternative means of safety organization of the department.
  • Maintain regular discussions on health and safety matters with staff members of the department and respond to members’ concerns.
  • Arrange for staff members to attend health and safety training.
  • Accompany staff members from HSEO and / or government departments during their workplace inspections, and to ensure any deficiencies noted are properly followed up.
  • Be responsible for the daily administration of the risk management system of the department.
  • Report accidents and incidents of the department promptly to HSEO and the Human Resources Office, as required, and assist HSEO in carrying out the investigation.
  • Maintain appropriate departmental health and safety records, including but not limited to training, inspection, risk register, accidents, personal protective equipment used in high risk activities.