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PolyU’s innovative indoor air quality monitoring device received extensive media coverage

As a leading internationally-recognized university, PolyU seeks to contribute to the community through our cutting-edge research. The University transforms innovative ideas into sustainable applications and communicates its success with the public. The Campus Sustainability Office and experts from the Building Services Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department collaborate in the development of a new indoor air-monitoring platform that can help housing management authorities and residents to identify high-risk areas for virus transmission or pollutants in the indoor environment. A meet-the-media activity was recently arranged to announce this big news.

PolyU announces to the press about a new indoor air quality monitoring invention

The PolyU team met the majority of the local reporters in an online mode and astonished everyone in the interview with their behind-the-scenes stories. Mr. Joseph Chan, Head, Campus Sustainability, grabbed the attention of the reporters with the journey of this innovation from its conception to birth and its upcoming plans. He said the project began in 2018 and was tested around the campus. He believed it was an excellent vehicle to make the campus community aware of the need to check indoor air quality, especially when we now spend a lot more of our time indoors.

Head of Campus Sustainability Joseph Chan talks online

The PolyU experts, Dr Horace Mui and Dr Anthony Law leading the project development, elaborated on the functionalities and effectiveness of this innovation. It can assess hazards in a given space and allow people to monitor conditions by a smartphone app or computers. It also has the airborne pathogen tracing/dispersion facility to simulate how a virus would spread and help locate high-risk areas. What’s more, it can also be customized to monitor energy consumption simultaneously.

Speaking on the various impressive capabilities


Let’s read more from the media stories: 

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