Eyes on PolyU

New Semester and Green Commitments

Whether you’re a freshman, a second-year student, or staff, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a lot to offer you to keep you sustainable, healthy and prepared for life. What’s more, the University is doing a lot to proactively promote to the campus community that sustainability is something that takes root in our daily behaviors. We can all take a more active role in advancing sustainable and green practices in our daily habits and take conscious steps to promote the health of the planet.

PolyU has been promoting bring-your-own (BYO) beverage containers for years

Throughout the years, the University’s Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) works to engage students and staff and enhance their understanding of sustainability. It hosts a kaleidoscope of activities and campus-wide campaigns such as the PolyU GreenCoin to increase their awareness of environmental protection and motivates them to integrate the ‘green mindset’ into their personal habits. The Office also communicates with students and staff through occasions like the Orientation Info Day and uses various online channels like the Student Handbook, the Live GREEN platform, and social media networks to reach out and spread the green message to everyone.

Spreading the green message in events like Orientation Info Day in the past

In honor of the new year and new semester goals, the Campus Sustainability Office is calling the campus community to reflect on their green choices and make a commitment to ‘Green Pledges’. It suggests 14 quick and friendly tips on how to kick-start our going-green journey. They remind us that there are many smart and actionable ways to go green and act eco-wise. From the food we eat to the energy we consume, the lessons we have, the campus environment we enjoy, and the community we build together, we can make an impact and go green on campus or at home with these affordable and easy practices.

Calling for support to making green pledges

It is relatively simple to maintain a green lifestyle. It is more just a matter of adjusting awareness and behavior. Let’s put these goals into action on campus and in the world and recognize that sustainability is central to just about everything we do. 

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