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New Live GREEN platform promotes “healthy environment, healthy people”

The Campus Sustainability Office has just launched a brand new online platform – Live GREEN in early June 2020. It is the unique and prominent online channel of PolyU that focuses on disseminating useful information on leading a green lifestyle. It is the University’s doorway to everything about sustainable practices towards ‘a healthy environment’ and ‘healthy people’, and tries to conceptualize the duality between health and sustainability.

PolyU launches the new Live GREEN online platform

We can approach and understand sustainability in a wider context on top of the concepts and ideas related to the protection of our environment. In recent years we see the growth in the number of initiatives and strategies for the promotion of health and sustainable development taking place at the same time. Also, studies and research reveal that more and more health and sustainability problems emerge due to society's overexploitation of natural resources and human-induced pollution. Therefore, it is not difficult to learn that environmental issues and health issues are closely linked, and sustainability and health are closely integrated.

PolyU’s new Live GREEN online platform brings about a showcase of information sources that explore the concept of sustainable development and the concept of health. It presents easy-reading tips and resources that help the University community understand the relation between the environment and health. With the support of various PolyU departments and offices and their contribution of articles and video clips, this platform examines the important dimensions of a healthy life. For instance, professional advice on visual problems is presented by the School of Optometry, and articles on mental wellness are accessible on this platform. Tips on back care and handling of injuries are suggested by PolyU’s Rehabilitation Clinic and presented in an engaging video, catching the attention of the audience and connecting with them effectively.

A video produced by Rehabilitation Clinic suggests tips of material handling

In addition to presenting global issues on the widespread awareness of climate change, this new online channel by PolyU convinces the University community to think about what we can do to protect both the planet and our health. Making a healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be easy if we all make a start and do the right thing. 

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