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GreenCoin brings gimmicky AR selfie filters to everyone

GreenCoin is PolyU’s leading initiative to promote green culture and reward sustainability actions on campus. It is the first of its kind to be seen among local tertiary institutions as it integrates and applies game mechanics to sustainable education. It makes sustainability education amusing, engaging, and empowering through gamification. With a dedicated mobile app installed on common mobile devices, current PolyU staff and students can gain virtual credits in the name of Coins when they fulfill certain green actions on campus such as practicing bring-your-own food containers and supporting plastic bottle recycling. They can exchange their earned Coins for rewards or specific e-coupons for use in dedicated campus facilities.

The University acknowledges the power of information technology in driving sustainability education and is exploring multiple avenues to make the most out of augmented reality (AR) to help staff and students connect with their peers virtually. Knowing well people are likely to share and discuss with others when they find something entertaining, GreenCoin recently introduces three excellent Facebook AR photo filters to add more fun and enjoyment.

Have selfies with AR photo filters adds fun  

These GreenCoin Facebook AR filters allow individuals to add fascinating effects to their selfies. Coins are visible on-screen when they smile or open their mouth wide. Icons of a dumbbell and a basketball transform into Coins near their heads. An image of a plastic bottle appears when they show their hands, ‘inviting’ them to try putting that bottle into a treasure box that symbolizes a reverse vending machine. Short messages that remind them about green living and staying healthy prompt up when they press to snap their photos.

GreenCoin offers gimmicky Facebook AR filters

The Facebook photo filters display an augmented environment with Coins, sports equipment, plastic bottles, and various other elements. They are appealing, user-friendly and do not require any advanced technical skills. They are easily accessible and shareable across diverse platforms. More importantly, these filters allow everyone the opportunity to capture their green experience virtually in a fun manner while simultaneously spread the word on sustainability.

So, are you ready to try these gimmicky selfie filters and be part of the GreenCoin community?

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