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Knowing the spiders around us

The Earth is the common habitat of billions of human population and millions of species of biodiversity. There are so many different species of animals, reptiles, fishes, and insects in the world around us. We may be caught up with the beauty of their appearance, or we may be horrified by their looks or movements. Say, it is very common for people to find spiders scary in the first place. And some people are terrified with the fear of having spider bites. The truth is these eight-legged creatures are our nice neighbors, and they can be our good friends.

Spiders come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own unique look and characteristics. They may not be as disturbing and frightening as we think, and also offer many benefits to the world. The Campus Sustainability Office hosted a special sharing session on spiders for the campus community in August 2019 and invited Mr. Dickson Wong as the guest speaker. Dickson has been working in ecological nature conservation for many years and has published various materials and publications on spiders. During the sharing session, he introduced to the participants the different types of commonly seen spiders in Hong Kong and elaborated on where we can find them nearby. He led the participants to grasp some fun facts about spiders and brought them through a special encounter with these fascinating small creatures.

Sharing session on spiders in Hong Kong wins applause     Guest speaker talking on some cool spider facts

All species are interconnected on Earth, and each takes up a particular function. Being environmentally conscious, we should show our love and care for the different species on Earth. We should learn more about their well-being and avoid bringing disturbances to them. We should help ensure that all species are treated with respect and that their welfare is taken into account. People of all ages can contribute to the improvement of our environment and safeguard its amazing biodiversity.

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