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GreenCoin is in the news!

Being the first of its kind among local tertiary institutions, PolyU’s GreenCoin has excited the University community with the opportunities that they can enjoy self-benefitting incentives to reward their sustainable habits on campus. GreenCoin brings a new and fascinating experience to students and staff. It integrates a user-friendly mobile app, engaging gaming strategies, individual green habits, and sustainability education in a fun-filled approach. It represents a good model which can be further developed and extended to deepen sustainability principles and concepts.

GreenCoin has garnered media attention as well! The PolyU team steering the GreenCoin development and operations met a few of the local reporters and astonished everyone in the media interview with their behind-the-scenes stories. A staff user was also there to share her personal experience and views towards this new campaign.

GreenCoin development team and a staff user meet reporters


Mr. Joseph Chan, Head, Campus Sustainability, grabbed the attention of the reporters with the journey of GreenCoin from its conception to birth and its upcoming plans. He had a quick demo of the mobile app as well.

Joseph explains how the GreenCoin mobile app operates


Dr Peter Ng from the Department of Computing recalled how he and his team worked to bring the GreenCoin mobile app to live, and why it was important to engage users in gamified experiences.

Peter talks about the app design


A staff member, Ms Doris Wong shared her comments on GreenCoin and her views on sustainability development on PolyU in recent years.

Doris speaks about her experience using the app


It’s never too late to learn more about it and be one among us to enjoy and derive satisfaction from using GreenCoin!


Let’s read more from the media stories (Chinese only):

Ming Pao: 理⼤環保App 師⽣⾛塑換禮品

Headline: 理大首創「環保代幣」推廣減廢

am730:  回收膠樽自攜食具賺GreenCoin 理大冀推廣至社區

Think Hong Kong: 理⼤創環保代幣GreenCoin 減廢減塑換獎品

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