Eyes on PolyU

Involving students in videos to drive sustainable education

The University places high importance in sustainability education and is leveraging various means to boost communication and power up engagement. It makes use of different digital platforms to spotlight student participation and sustainability values by displaying creative videos via its Campus TV (the Campus Digital Display System and the LED display panel), Facebook and Youtube channels.

Recently a group of School of Design students has delivered an interesting video to motivate the University community to appreciate our green campus. Themed Every Breath You Take, this video tells the story of a personified ‘tree fairy’ who interacts closely with a student. The video encourages all members of the University to reflect on themselves how they need and can obtain comfort from the trees on campus.  It is highlighting nature conservation, environmental education, and is suggesting us to rethink how we should reconnect ourselves with nature.

Students deliver a video highlighting nature appreciation

Another group of students plays their role in a lively and convincing video that calls upon everyone to think and make the right choice between reusables and disposables. Themed It’s Your Choice – BYO Today!, this video cleverly sets a comparison that contrasts the consequences of adopting a BYO habit to relying on disposables. 

Filming a video on students and their BYO habits

Involving students in sustainable development and education means involving their energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm. The making and filming of these two videos yield a big success with the high-level participation of the students, who are trusted with full potentials to lead the way towards sustainability. Their efforts help accelerate sustainability education on campus, and they will play an active part in the transformation towards a sustainable society in the future as well. PolyU will continue to generate more and more opportunities for its students to be part of the creative process, and provide effective platforms to promote institutional-wide sustainability messages. 

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