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VeggieLicious event receives overwhelming response

PolyU staged the VeggieLicious event during 30 Oct to 3 Nov this year and brought about a series of interesting activities for the University community. As an event to echo Vegetarian Awareness Month which is observed annually in October, the University’s veggie week invited everyone on campus to consider taking a less-meat diet and brought awareness to the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

This was the third year in a row that the University held this inspiring event. Organized by the Campus Sustainability Committee and Campus Sustainability Office, VeggieLicious has become the unique and iconic ‘veggie week’ and has earned much support from the University community. It featured a pool of hands-on activities, such as mushroom growing, macramé plant hanger stitching, vegan coffee tasting and kombucha making. Various catering outlets on campus also offered special green menus and discounts in the same period.

Participants receive organic vegetables Participants enjoy growing mushrooms by themselves

The event also offered an opportunity for students, staff, and supporters of vegetarian lifestyle to share and exchange their green eating experiences and ideas.Experts and health professionals joined in various sharing sessions which helped deepen participants’ understanding of a veggie diet. They suggested that the reasons people choose to follow a vegetarian diet vary so much, and there was no fixed formula for the best outcome. Their examples revealed that no one would wake up one morning magically vegetarian. It took them time to incorporate gradual changes into their lifestyles, but it was worth doing.

Health professional speaks about veggie diet Participants learn to make own kombucha

VeggieLicious is more than a carnival for fun on campus. It is important that it offers participants and the University community, vegetarians and non-vegetarians a wide range of information about the many benefits and the ease of choosing plant-based foods. It is an occasion to inspire and motivate the University community to take action and look at adopting greener and sustainable ways to improve health and well-being. It reminds us it is time to think about this and make a start, and every step we take towards a vegetarian style can be a powerful step in the right direction towards sustainability.

 Participants have fun in stitching Let’s pledge to go veggie


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