Eyes on PolyU

Mr. Bin greets the PolyU community with a strong message

Pull-up Banner of Mr. Bin

With a fashionable yellowish outfit, a pair of big eyes and a big tummy, ‘Mr. Bin’ marked his first steps into all catering outlets on PolyU campus and halls in February 2016. He is a not-to-be-missed instant alert to diners on saving food and saving resources.

This character debuted in a new round of ‘Eat Wisely’ promotional campaign steered by PolyU’s Campus Sustainability Committee, Campus Sustainability Office and Catering Committee. Banners, table stickers, promotional cards and hanging decorations featuring his pleas of “Order What You Need!”, “Taste It Not Waste It!”, “Pack Up Leftovers!” and “Empty Your Plates!” can be found at every corner of PolyU’s catering outlets.

Being the ever-first and home-grown character of PolyU, Mr. Bin arouses all diners’ and visitors’ attention and prompts them with easy tips on saving food resources. It also symbolizes PolyU’s efforts to support reducing food waste at source.

It is not difficult to understand from a campus-wide perspective or even to a global perspective that food waste is a critical issue which generates an adverse impact from an environmental consequence as well as from a social-economical consequence. With the introduction of the ‘Eat Wisely’ campaign, the entire PolyU community is invited and encouraged to re-think and adopt behavioral changes to help tackle this issue and to cultivate a ‘eat wise’ culture.

Hanged up foam board of Mr. Bin