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Campus Sustainability Weeks 2016 – another successful close!

DIY Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm Workshop

The Campus Sustainability Weeks, closed on 24 March 2016, underlines its role as PolyU’s major platform of establishing a ‘campus sustainability dialogue’. It witnesses an irreplaceable occasion where speakers, students and staff were keen to make their voices heard and share their ideas in leading a green lifestyle.

In its fourth year, the Campus Sustainability Weeks 2016 again confirmed its standing as PolyU’s most eye-catching event on sustainability, comprising of a comprehensive range of activities including talks, workshops, field trips, reading corner and exhibition running inside and outside of the PolyU campus in two weeks.

When participants at the various workshops were content with their first-hand experiences in making their ever-first etched glass bottle crafts, screen printing tote bags or insect repellent, they were also filled with much satisfaction as they were able to produce unique products from used banners, old glass bottles and unwanted containers. The workshops meant more than some ‘do-it-yourself’ activities but valuable lessons on how to make good use of neglected old stuff and how to treasure the resources around us.

The majority of the PolyU community expressed a positive opinion about their participation and, in particular, at the time when they had the opportunities to acquaint themselves with specialties and leading local ‘green’ icons like Prof. Lam Chiu Ying who explored the real essence of ‘green living’ and Prof. Vivian Taam Wong who warned us about how our ‘fast fashion’ habit adversely drags the environment to deterioration. They were also impressed by other experts who devote themselves in steering urban farming activities to local city dwellers. 

Lunch Talk: Green living - what can we do? Natural Plant Dyeing Workshop