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PolyU Signed Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature 2014

Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature 2014On 29 May 2014, PolyU signed the Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature 2014, which is jointly organized by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department with an aim of reducing electricity consumption for air-conditioning.

According to the statistical data released by the Government, in 2011, electricity generation accounted for 69% of the total greenhouse gas emissions reference 1 and space conditioning accounted for 30% of total electricity consumption reference 2 for Hong Kong. Participating offices from academic departments and administrative and supporting offices have pledged to maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the months of June to September 2014 to support in combating climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

You may find useful energy saving tips from Environment Bureau website, http://goo.gl/7njn9K to assist you in practicing energy saving in office and daily life.

You may learn more about the Charter from the website: http://www.energyland.emsd.gov.hk/indoortemperature