Eyes on PolyU

(June – September 2013) PolyU Signed the Energy Saving Charters

PolyU has been invited by the HKSAR Government (EMSD) to sign the Energy Saving Charter on No Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB) and Indoor Temperature. In Hong Kong, energy consumption accounts for more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is necessary to set a reasonable and comfortable indoor temperature level and promote greener lighting to help saving energy and combat climate change.

These two Charters intend to encourage community-wide participation in energy saving. Offices that participate in this charter will have to refrain from procuring targeted ILB for general lighting purposes and maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26oC during the months of June to September 2013.

Energy Saving Charter on “No Incandescent Light Bulbs”


Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature


Posters of Energy Saving Charter