DREAM Campus

Sustainability has been one of the top priorities of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), and sustainability principles are embedded in various aspects of the university operations and campus life. 

PolyU endeavors to bring green elements and designs into its buildings and facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner. Careful considerations of building orientation, building form and functions, materials, building envelope design, building systems, interior finishes and furnishings to achieve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, reduced water consumption and waste generation are taken into account.

The University has applied the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) for all capital developments and it is the University’s policy that all capital developments have to attain the BEAM Plus Gold standard. All existing offices, classrooms and library on the Main Campus have been certified as ‘Good Class’ under the Government’s IAQ Certification System for Offices and Public Places since 2012. 

The green infrastructure has provided an excellent platform to support teaching, learning and research activities of the University. It also helps to nurture and motivate “Green Living” to the PolyU community in the aspects of:

D refers to Dining Dining

R refers to Resources Resources

E refers to Energy Energy

A refers to Awareness Awareness

M refers to More Walking More Walking