Green PolyU Awards – Green Office seminars are followed by an astonishing visit to Fuji Xerox

Since the launch of the Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme in June 2016, two informative seminars were held and welcomed over 50 participating Green Officers and departmental representatives who managed to enhance their knowledge and experience to ‘green their offices’.

Presentation from Fuji Xerox

An interesting visit to Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) was organized in October 2016 which was meant to be another eye-opening experience to the Green Officers. They had the possibility to hear professional presentation by representatives from Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) on their implementation of green practices in offices as part of their sustainable corporate development. They also had a chance to talk with the company’s frontline staff and learned about how they integrated green concepts in their routine work.

Fuji Xerox is among other successful ‘green’ corporations in Hong Kong which sees sustainability as a high priority. Much has been done to educating and engaging its staff to add sustainability concepts in routine office operations. For instance, an interactive energy management system is in place offering real-time energy tracking and analytics functions to check energy usage across office locations.  Staff members follow sustainable procurement principles and procure paper made from 100% post-consumer fiber, use 100% recycled paper towels in washrooms, purchase carpet with recycled content and acquire energy-efficient electrical appliances in offices. Managed print service solution is implemented to effectively reduce document printing and imaging. Notices and friendly reminders are found visibly in office areas with tips on conserving paper, recycling batteries, disposing waste and using reusable food containers and cutleries. One funny ‘green angel’ game is played at offices – taking the spirit of the popular game ‘secret angel’ – if any staff member forgets to switch off the computer and monitor while leaving, he or she may see a sticker from the ‘green angel’ the other day when returning to office which reminds again on the need to turn off the computer appliances!

Group photo

Apart from having exchanges on workplace green practices, the visit to Fuji Xerox also offered the participants an opportunity to visit the company’s 33,000 sq ft recycling centre and they were able to see how Fuji Xerox manages the collected printers and consumables in an environmentally friendly way. They were briefed how green concepts and sustainability principles are being incorporated as early as in the initial stage of product design and planning for the sake of reaching zero waste in the manufacturing process. They were also introduced to the company’s mechanism and workflow on how to reuse parts and prepare old printers for material recovery to achieve a 99.9% recycling rate of end-of-life products. This visit offered everyone a much better idea on what a green office is, and an impressive lesson on practical examples of making change happen and applying sustainability concepts.