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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is fully committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. Back in 2011, PolyU established the Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) to oversee the planning and implementation of sustainability policies and strategies on campus. In 2015, PolyU stepped up its coordination efforts and established the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) to coordinate and drive sustainability efforts across the campus through a kaleidoscope of initiatives. For more of CSO’s work, please visit https://www.polyu.edu.hk/cso.

Apart from having a clear structure and organisation, institutional sustainability in terms of infrastructure development, organization, people and culture and governance with strategic priority and actions in all directions has also been mentioned as one of the five domains in the “Strategic Plan 2019/20 – 2024/25” published by the University. Over the years, PolyU has established a comprehensive list of environmental and sustainability policies and guideline, covering key aspects such as energy and greenhouse gas, green procurement, sustainable infrastructure, waste management, water conservation and paper reduction. For more details on the policies and guideline, please refer to https://www.polyu.edu.hk/greencampus/en/about-us/policies.html.

Green PolyU Awards – Green Office Programme

As one of the campus-wide sustainability initiatives of the CSO, Green PolyU Awards– Green Office Programme (GPA – GO) was first launched in 2016 for all departments and offices to participate. GPA – GO aims to benchmark the environmental performance of all departments and offices; plan for feasible actions to conserve energy and water resources, reduce waste generation and paper consumption, introduce green procurement practices, develop sustainable and healthy workplace and advocate green governance to departments and offices. More importantly, provides training for Departmental Green Officers (Green Officers) and staff members to acquire relevant knowledge of greening their workplace, and to communicate with their fellows on the best practices of a green office.

Green Office Assessment was introduced since GPA – GO Phase 1 to evaluate the green office performance of all departments and offices while Paper Audit was introduced since GPA – GO Phase 3 to evaluate paper reduction performance of all departments and offices.


Objectives of the Programme

The Objectives of GPA – GO are to:

  • Raise environmental awareness among all staff members on campus;
  • Broaden staff members’ understanding of and provide guidelines for green office operation;
  • Bring together faculties, schools, departments and offices to share experience and accelerate positive changes in office through execution of green practices; and
  • Recognise faculties, schools, departments and offices’ effort in implementing green initiatives

Through GPA – GO, it is expected that:

  • Green Officers’ skills and ability to engage colleagues in building greener offices are improved;
  • Departments and offices would implement green practices in their offices through knowledge transfer and sharing; and
  • Sustainable culture would be developed and embedded in every aspect of PolyU’s daily office operation through gradual behaviour changes



All departments and offices who have participated and complied with the requirements of GPA – GO Phase 5 and 6 will be recognised. Offices are welcome to display the achievement certificates in the office area.