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Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy Public Engagement – your views wanted

Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy Public Engagement

Climate change is now affecting every corner of the Earth. Like other coastal cities, Hong Kong faces multiple climate-related threats, including rising temperatures and more extreme weather events.  In 2015, 196 signatories adopted the historic Paris Agreement which aims at combating climate change and unleashing actions towards a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable future.  As the Paris Agreement applies Hong Kong, it is our obligation to formulate the long-term decarbonisation strategy up to 2050 by 2020, and review our climate change efforts every 5 years.

The Council for Sustainable Development is carrying out a public engagement on long-term decarbonisation strategy and invites public views on three major aspects:

  • Transition towards a low-carbon society
  • Reducing energy use and further decarbonising electricity generation
  • Low-carbon transport in a smart city

Please support and send your views on or before 20 September 2019 and join its public interaction activities.  The public engagement document and information on public interaction activities are available on the Council’s dedicated website at http://www.susdev.org.hk/en/.

Information about upcoming public forums organized by the Council is shown below: 

9.9.2019 (Mon)
Function Rooms 3-4
2/F, Kennedy Town Community Complex
12 Rock Hill Street, Kennedy Town
12.9.2019 (Thu)
Exhibition Gallery
1/F, Tsuen Wan Town Hall
72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan

A flyer on this can be downloaded here

Registration for the forums can be done by registering on-line (https://www.susdev.org.hk/en/register.php) or calling the hotline at 3917 4763.


Disclaimer: The above activity is not organized by Campus Sustainability Committee or Campus Sustainability Office, PolyU. All information provided here is for reference only.