Past Events

Hong Kong Green Day on 5 June 2019

Since 2013, Green Council has designated the United Nation's World Environment Day on the 5th of June as "Hong Kong Green Day" in order to encourage the public to raise awareness on environmental protection, and it has become Hong Kong's annual environmental event.

Hong Kong Green Day 2019

(Photo source: Facebook page of Hong Kong Green Day operated by Green Council,
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The Green Council encourages the community to wear and display green in their clothing and/or accessories on 5 June. It is expected to establish and strengthen citizens’ attitudes on the indivisible relationship between environmental protection and our daily lives.

This year activities include:

  • Hong Kong Green Day Kickoff Ceremony
  • Dress Green Campaign
  • Green Cook Cooking Competition
  • Green Icon Design Competition
  • Hong Kong Green Day Finale cum Green Mission Challenge
  • Green Shops and Restaurants Campaign

More about this interesting event can be read here


Organizer: Green Council

(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the supporting organizations of this event.)


Disclaimer: The above activity is not organized by Campus Sustainability Committee or Campus Sustainability Office, PolyU. All information provided here is for reference only.