Roles and Responsibilities

In the past, academic and non-academic departments have been invited by Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO), Secretariat to the Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) to appoint Departmental Environmental Coordinators (DECs) to look after environmental issues and promote environmental awareness at departmental level.

To further align and enhance the DEC’s network, it was discussed and agreed at the 5th CSC meeting in January 2015 to re-brand the DECs to Departmental Green Officers (“Green Officers”), a network of environmental conscious colleagues to support Dean / Director / Head of Faculties / Schools / Departments / Offices in turning individual offices into a greener workplace.

The Green Officers are nominated by Dean / Director / Head of Faculties / Schools / Departments / Offices while the Green Officers network is overseen by Campus Sustainability Office (CSO). Regular training, gatherings, sharing sessions and visits are arranged to enhance Green Officers awareness on and skills in building a Greener Office.

Roles and Responsibilities of Green Officer:

  • Assist Dean / Director / Head of Faculties / Schools / Departments / Offices and advise on coordination and implementation of PolyU’s campus sustainability and environmental related policies and guidelines;
  • Disseminate campus sustainability information and advices to staff and students;
  • Participate in green office or related scheme, carry out performance check at departmental level and prepare relevant summaries to CSO; and
  • Liaise with CSO on matters related to campus sustainability and environmental protection.