Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Green Officer?

Green Officers play a unique role as sustainability educators and advocates within their department or office. To become a Green Officer, you must be a current PolyU staff and should be nominated by Director or Head of your Department or Office. You should be interested in and committed to work towards sustainability, energetic, outgoing and professional, with positive attitude and good communication skills.


What will I gain from being a Green Officer?

By becoming a Green Officer, you will have the opportunities to:

  • broaden your understanding of sustainability topics including climate change, energy, purchasing, recycling, waste and water, both on macro-level and specifically relating to PolyU
  • add to your professional development and expand your skill set and techniques of engagement, communication and behavior change
  • play a key role in crafting and implementing office and university-wide sustainability goals and programs
  • be recognized for both your Department or Office and your personal sustainability achievements


What are the obligations of a Green Officer?

As a Green Officer, you have the obligations to:

  • Attend sustainability-focused training and events, sharing and networking sessions
  • Access a host of PolyU specific tools and resources on a variety of sustainability topics including energy, purchasing, water and waste to make a difference in your workplace
  • Represent your Department or Office to participate in sustainability-focused programmes and campaigns to enhance your leadership skills and be an agent for change in your Department or Office
  • Join the network of over 70 Green Officers across campus to share sustainability ideas, problem-solve and facilitate change
  • Help PolyU to save resources and work towards a sustainable future


How much time will it take?

Using a few hours of work time per month with supervisor’s permission, Green Officer’s help to:

  • Communicate sustainability updates and event invitations to office members
  • Inspire office members to make changes in catering, energy, water and paper consumption, purchasing, waste and more
  • Promote and engage office members in sustainability campaigns
  • Identify opportunities to implement sustainability changes within your workplace
  • Orient new office members to PolyU’s sustainability policies and guidelines
  • Bring concerns and suggestions to the attention of Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)


Does my Department Head need to know?

Director or Head of your Department or Office should be aware of PolyU’s commitment to campus sustainability policies and assign to the Green Officers sufficient resources to support the Green Officers to craft and implement office and university-wide sustainability goals and programs.


Who else is a Green Officer?

Each Department and Office is required to nominate at least one staff member to act as a Green Officer of his or her Department or Office. As of 2019, over 70 staff members were appointed as Green Officers.