Waste Check Charter

To encourage the commercial and industrial sector to look into waste reduction, a voluntary program named the 'Waste Check Charter' is launched by the Environmental Protection Department and implemented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The Charter aims to gather momentum on waste reduction, provide guidance and technical support on waste monitoring and measurement, share success stories to create greater community attention and work with the community to achieve good waste management.


PolyU Signed the Charter on 1 October 2015

PolyU is one of the first institutions who signed the Waste Check Charter. Over the years, PolyU has set up a wide variety of recycling bins on campus and measured the quantity collected regularly. Our staff and students are always encouraged to avoid generating waste, separate the recyclables and put them into recycling bins to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. 

Waste Check Charter


PolyU Received Award Certificates on 26 May 2017

The Awards Presentation Ceremony of Waste Check Charter was held on 26 May 2017. PolyU was presented with certificates of Waste Check Promotional Partner Award (Class of Excellence) and Waste Check Commitment Award.

  • Waste Check Promotional Partner Award (Class of Excellence) 
    To recognize that PolyU demonstrated substantial and innovative promotional efforts for waste reduction throughout the 18-month Charter period from October 2015 to March 2017.

    Waste Check Promotional Partner Award (Class of Excellence)

  • Waste Check Commitment Award

    To recognize that PolyU successfully fulfilled all requirements and submitted waste and recyclables data throughout the Charter period from October 2015 to March 2017.

    Waste Check Commitment Award


News and Reportage


You can find more information about the Charter from Environmental Protection Department's website at http://www.wastecheck.gov.hk/