Say NO to Shark Fin Pledge

Launched by Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF), the Say NO to Shark Fin Pledge aims to encourage leading organizations in Hong Kong to demonstrate their leadership role in the area of environmental sustainability by pledging not to support the consumption of shark.


PolyU joined the Say NO to Shark Fin Pledge in Aug 2016

The practice of shark finning directly contributes to the decline in shark population worldwide. To help conserve marine environments, and also in line with our commitments to a green living culture, the University has taken the Say NO to Shark Fin Pledge to become a “shark-free” organization.

With this pledge, the University has agreed to exclude shark fins in the menus of university events or entertainment functions, and not to support shark fin consumption in any of our marketing, promotional or public relations activities.


Related Guideline prepared by PolyU


You can find more information about the Pledge from the Hong Kong Shark Foundation’s website at