HK3030 Energy Saving Charter

The Hong Kong Green Building Council proposed the HK3030 Campaign in 2013 to describe a roadmap of achievable targets focusing on the demand side of electricity consumption, in which the absolute electricity consumption of buildings in Hong Kong can be reduced by 30% by 2030, from 2005 level. As a part of the Campaign, the “HK3030 Energy Saving Charter (Education Sector)” encourages the participating schools and educational institutions to create green campuses and integrate environmental considerations into the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all the facilities and services. 


PolyU signed the Charter on 3 March 2013

On 3 March 2013, PolyU signed the HK3030 Energy Saving Charter at the HK3030 Activation Ceremony cum Press Conference. PolyU has included "Sustainability" as a strategic focus for the campus development. Being one of the leading tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, we are environmentally responsible and drive to sustainability. Therefore, we have undertaken initiatives to encourage environmentally-conscious practices on campus to reduce our environmental footprint. 

HK3030 Energy Saving Charter commences

Representatives from participating schools and educational institutions on 3 March 2013


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