Energy Saving Charter

In Hong Kong, buildings account for about 90% of our electricity consumption, representing over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Launched by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the “Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature” encourages the participating organizations to maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the months of June to September.


PolyU has signed the Charter in 2018

PolyU has supported this Charter since 2013. Energy conservation has long been a commitment and being a key indicator in the context of PolyU campus sustainability. Thus, keeping the indoor air-conditioning temperature within an efficient range could assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promote energy conservation on campus.

PolyU has pledged to support the Charter with the scope:-

  • to maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the summer months of June to September in 2018;
  • to switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use and procure energy efficient electrical appliances (such as those with Grade 1 energy labels, fridge with door) and systems from June 2018 to May 2019; and

  • to engage staff/ students to adopt the above energy saving practices together.

Energy Saving Charter 2018


You can find more information about the Charter 2018 from Environment Bureau's website at


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