Food Wise Charter

Launched by the Environmental Protection Department, the “Food Wise Charter” as a part of Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign is to encourage Hong Kong businesses/organizations in adopting measures to reduce food waste generation within their establishments or through the services and products they provide; and recognize the waste reduction efforts of those organizations.


PolyU signed the Charter on 3 May 2013

Professor Timothy W. Tong, President signed the Food Wise Charter on 3 May 2013. Food is a precious resource. PolyU understands this well and has taken serious measures to drive food waste reduction and recycling on campus. All major caterers on campus as well as catering outlets at student halls respond positively to PolyU’s call and have joined the ‘Food Waste Source Separation and Recycling Program’ since 2013, giving food waste a ‘second life’ by having them recycled into useful feed and fertilizers.

Food Wise Charter Certificate

Certificate of the Charter


Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation


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You can find more information about the Charter from the webiste of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign at