Message from the Chairman of Campus Sustainability Committee

Photo: Ir Prof. Alexander WaiThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is committed to fostering sustainable development and we have made ‘sustainability’ a strategic focus of the University. In 2011, we established a Campus Sustainability Committee to oversee the planning and implementation of sustainability policies and strategies on campus, and to coordinate various efforts in building a sustainable campus.  It is our mission to promote and nurture a culture of sustainability among our staff and students.

We have undertaken various capital developments in recent years on campus to prepare for the four-year undergraduate program commencing in September 2012.  With sustainability in mind, while providing adequate spaces for student study and other activities, we also enhanced the environmental performance of the new developments as well as the energy efficiency of the existing chiller systems and other utilities to reduce our carbon footprint. Besides hardware projects, we have organized a variety of campaigns and activities, such as “Environmental Week”, “Sustainability Weeks” and “Work-life Balance” and encouraged our staff and students to support and participate in these activities to pursue campus sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

With a goal to improve the quality of life and to transfer knowledge, our research projects have been widely recognized both locally and internationally. Our close collaboration with local business and industrial partners has also enhanced knowledge transfer for the benefit of our community.

In the long run, I wish to see concern of sustainability gradually embedded in every aspect of our daily operations and developments. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and students who have supported PolyU in its quest for campus sustainability. I also look forward to continued support in the development of the University and its ultimate achievement of sustainability excellence.

Signed by Prof. Alexander Wai

Ir Prof. Alexander Wai

Deputy President and Provost

Chairman of Campus Sustainability Committee