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Monthly Donation Scheme

At PolyU, we treasure every dollar of donation as it represents the trust, support and love of our alumni and donors. Pledging a monthly donation is an unweaving commitment to PolyU by providing a stable and reliable funding source so we can pursue long-term planning for making fundamental and tremendous changes. You can dedicate your valuable gift to the following fund or designated purpose where PolyU will deploy the resources wisely in educating all-round future talents and ground breaking innovations to address societal pressing problems.

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Service-Learning Development Fund

PolyU is committed to nurturing students to become all-round global citizens and service-learning (SL) is one of the most effective ways to nurture their compassion, care for others and sense of social responsibility. Since 2012, PolyU has incorporated “Service-Learning” into its credit-bearing academic curriculum, in order to provide students with opportunities to serve the community by applying their knowledge and skills learnt in classrooms.

To date, there are over 33,300 students engaged in local and overseas SL, providing over 1.33 million hours of service, with service locations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Rwanda.

Your generous support to the international SL activities will enable more PolyU students to participate in offshore service-learning projects, nurture socially responsible leaders and global citizens of tomorrow and benefit more people in underprivileged areas.

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PolyU WeCare

PolyU WeCare Fund

PolyU We Care Fund aims to alleviate the financial pressure of students who cannot get sufficient financial support from their family or the government to take part in extracurricular activities which are crucial to their all-round development. A wide range of extracurricular activities could be covered, including but not limited to exchange learning, student leadership programme, and student-initiated caring projects on campus or beyond PolyU.

The Fund is a pool of contributions from different members of PolyU and the community in order to promote a “caring” culture among PolyU students. It is our long term goal to develop a “Caring Loop” where students feel supports and will be more likely to thrive and give back when they are able to.

Your consistent monthly donation is allowing PolyU to commit a reasonable number of beneficiary students every year to explore their potential, who were initially limited by the finite opportunities due to financial difficulties.

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Art & Culture Development Fund

All-round education is the core value of PolyU’s education principle while art and culture development is essential. PolyU promotes art and culture on our campus, to enhance the art and culture ambience and groom our student talents diversely, as it could facilitate the mentality of solving real-world problems in truly interdisciplinary, energetic and creative ways.

Please join hands with us to support students in expanding their outlook, embracing diversity and harnessing their creativity and valuable skills. Your support will uplift our current programmes to the next level, including the Artist-in-Residence Programme and Special Talent Admission Recognition Scheme (STARS). It will also provide more international exchange programme and education programme in Chinese history and culture.


Faculty/School Development

There are six faculties and three schools in PolyU, which are evolving and are renowned in different disciplines of research and education, including business, construction and environment, engineering, health and social services, humanities, design, fashion and textiles, and hotel and tourism management.

Your monthly gift to the faculty/school that you are admired or belong to, will accelerate the faculty/school’s research, but also stimulate its education to reach new heights, in turn bringing benefits to our society and the wider world.

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Scholarship and Bursary

PolyU is always making sure we are well-recognising the potential of outstanding students by offering them a variety of scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students typically based on their academic merit or their performance in a specific area, such as sports, student leadership, particular study areas, etc. On the other hand, bursaries, as supplementary financial assistance, are provided to students who cannot met the necessary expenses through the Government’s Tertiary Student Finance Scheme or their families’ resources.

Your financial support can help us extend the scholarship and bursary programme to enrich and groom more students of great potential both academically and non-academically. With your support, we will be able to provide students with many new experiences and opportunities for their personal development.

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University General Development

PolyU is a world-class university with a strong emphasis on the societal impact of its educational, research and knowledge transfer endeavours that are underpinned by technology and innovation. Since its humble start as Government Trade School in 1937, PolyU has experienced continuous and tremendous evolutions. Donating consistently and granting the flexibility on the funding use is a vote of confidence to PolyU by seizing any instant and timely opportunities to develop to the next level.

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Your contribution will help PolyU scale new heights and provide the next generation with professional knowledge, a global outlook and social responsibility.

Please donate now and influence your fellows by proudly supporting PolyU!



  • Tax-deductible annual receipt applicable in Hong Kong will be issued by PolyU at the beginning of the succeeding tax year for donations of HK$100 or above.

  • Donors who have made cumulative donations of HK$20,000 or above to the University shall be honoured as members of the PolyU Foundation. Click here for details.

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