e-Bulletin issue 124/February 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the potential threat of airborne transmission of viruses everywhere, particularly within hospitals. Even though guidance for airborne precautions has been provided to healthcare workers taking care of patients with known or suspected viral infections, the risk of in-hospital airborne transmission remains if patients with unidentified airborne infection of novel virus or asymptomatic infection of known airborne diseases are not handled correctly in general human-occupied areas (GHOAs) (i.e. general inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, accident and emergency (A&E) rooms, washrooms etc.)

Research Achievements / ACTIVITIES
PolyU Postdoc Matching Fund Scheme 2020/21

In the third round of the PolyU Postdoc Matching Fund Scheme 2020/21, 21 academics in the Faculty of Construction and Environment (FCE) have been supported with funding to each engage a postdoc fellow (PDF) in their research for 2 years.

Staff News
New Head of Department for LSGI
LSGI Scholar to Serve as Associate Editor-in-Chief of GPS Journal
Student News
LSGI Career Talk 2021
Invitation for Programme Admission 2021/22
Applications from both local and international students are invited for the following programmes:

Undergraduate Programmes
BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering and Management 建築工程及管理學(榮譽)理學士學位
BSc(Hons) in Property Management 物業管理學(榮譽)理學士學位
BSc(Hons) in Surveying 地產及建設測量學(榮譽)理學士學位
BEng(Hons) in Building Services Engineering 屋宇設備工程學(榮譽)工學士學位
BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering 土木工程學(榮譽)工學士學位
BEng(Hons) in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development 環境工程與可持續發展學(榮譽)工學士學位
BSc(Hons) in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health 環境及職業安全與健康(榮譽)理學士學位 (Top-up Degree Programme)
BEng(Hons) in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering 結構及消防安全工程學(榮譽)工學士學位
BSc(Hons) in Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics 土地測量及地理資訊學(榮譽)理學士學位

Master of Science (MSc)/ Postgraduate Diploma (PgD)
Building Services Engineering 屋宇設備工程學
Civil Engineering 土木工程學
Construction and Real Estate 建築及房地產學
Construction Law and Dispute Resolution 建築法及爭議解決學
Environmental Management and Engineering 環境管理及工程學
Facility Management 設施管理
Fire and Safety Engineering 消防及安全工程學
Geomatics (Geographic Information Systems) 測繪及地理資訊學(地理資訊)
Geomatics (Surveying) 測繪及地理資訊學(測量)
High Performance Buildings 高效能建築
Project Management 項目管理
Sustainable Urban Development 可持續城市發展學
Urban Informatics and Smart Cities 城市信息學及智慧城市

For details, please visit:
Undergraduate programmes- https://www.polyu.edu.hk/fce/study-at-fce/undergraduate-programmes
MSc/ PgD programmes and 2021/22 Entry Scholarships- https://www.polyu.edu.hk/fce/study-at-fce/taught-postgraduate-programmes
For PolyU’s e-Prospectus, please visit https://www.polyu.edu.hk/study

New Doctoral Programme at PolyU and its Outpost in Hangzhou
Doctor of International Real Estate and Construction 國際房地產及建築博士
For details, see http://www51.polyu.edu.hk/eprospectus/tpg

Forthcoming Events
25th Congregation Ceremony
Date: 27 March 2021 (Saturday)
Time: Broadcast time to be announced
26th Congregation Ceremony
Date: 27 March 2021 (Saturday)
Time: Broadcast time to be announced
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