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Picture of He, Qiuping (Ares)
He, Qiuping (Ares)
PhD Student

B.A. in English, Sichuan Normal University, China (2009)

M.A. in English Language Teaching, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (2013)

Room No.AG415
Tel2766 4916
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Academic & Professional Experience

  • Project Associate, “EDB Professional Development Workshops; Teaching through English” Project, 
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2013, Nov. – 2014, Feb.)
  • English Teacher, Daishi Tutorial School, China (2011, Feb. – 2012, Jun.)
  • Translator, Animals Asia Foundation, China Bear Rescue Centre, China (2009, Dec. – 2011, Feb.)


Research Area(s)

Systemic Functional Linguistics
Multimodal Discourse Analysis
Education and Multimodal Literacy
Science Education

Title of Thesis

Towards multisemiotic literacy: Constructing explanations in the science classroom

Description of Thesis Research

Science concepts have been represented, explained and illustrated through a constellation of meaning-making resources. How science concepts are taught and learned in the classroom through an assemblage of different resources remains an important issue to investigate. The present study is motivated by the need to obtain a systematic understanding of the multimodal resources in pedagogic discourses as well as the need to develop multi-semiotic literacy for Hong Kong science teachers and students. The objectives of this thesis include investigations into the notions of scientific literacy, multimodality, knowledge in pedagogic discourse. This work is a preliminary report on the investigation into the construction of scientific explanations in the classroom from the perspective of functional multimodal discourse analysis.

The findings from the pilot study show the different ways of constructing the causal mechanism through linguistic resources (i.e. causal explanation) and visual resources (i.e. force diagrams). While the linguistic construction of causal mechanism is explicitly realized through the selection and progression of themes as well as conjunctions, the visual construction of causal mechanism is implicitly realized through comparison and inference. In the causal explanation, the abstract causal chain is explained from the micro-level (the decrease of air particles) to macro-level (the air pressure and net force) whereas in force diagrams, the construction moves from the macro-level (the air pressure and net force) to the micro-level (the air particles).The findings call for more research on the semiotic affordances of different resources and the link-making and cross referencing across multimodal semiotic systems.

Involvement in Research Groups, Networks and Projects

EDB Professional Development Workshops: Teaching through English


Book Chapters

  • He, Q. & Forey, G. (in progress). Meaning making through multiple semiotic resources in a secondary science classroom: A systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis (SF-MDA). In K.-S. Tang & K. Danielsson (Eds.) Global developments in literacy research for science education. Springer.

Conference Presentations

  • 2015 The Autumn Conference of Japanese Association Systemic Functional Linguistics (JASFL), presented a paper on “Towards multisemiotic literacy: Coherence devices in explanation-construction”, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, Japan, October, 11.
  • 2015 The 42nd International Systemic Functional Congress, presented a paper on “Towards multisemiotic literacy: Constructing explanations in secondary science classrooms”, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, July, 30.
  • 2015 The 2nd GDUFS-HKPU Multiliteracies Forum, presented a paper on “The complexity of constructing an explanation: A multimodal account”, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China, May, 19.
  • 2015 The 14th National Chinese Conference on Functional Linguistics and International Symposium on Systemic Functional Linguistics for Launching “The Halliday-Hasan Linguistics Fund” & Celebrating Professor Halliday’s 90th Birthday, presented a paper on “The representation of the Second World War (WWII) in Hong Kong Museum of History: From a socio-semiotic perspective” (in collaboration with AKASHI Tomoko, CHEUNG Lok Ming Eric and XIA Li Alvien), Beijing Normal University, China, April, 25.
  • 2014 International Science Education Conference 2014 (ISEC 2014), presented a paper on “Towards multisemiotic literacy: A social semiotic analysis of multimodal communication in science classrooms”, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, November, 25.
  • 2014 7th International Conference on Multimodality (7ICOM), presented a paper on “Meaning Making through Multiple Semiotic Resources in a Science Classroom: A Systemic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis”, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, June, 11-13.

Publications in Preparation

  • He, Q. (in preparation). The complexity of constructing an explanation: A multimodal account.


  • Member, Organising Committee, The 6th PolySystemic Language Education Symposium & Workshops, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2015 December 1-4.
  • Member, Organising Committee, The 5th PolySystemic Language & Education Symposium & Workshops, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2015 February 2-3.
  • MemberOrganising Team of Free Linguistics Conference (FLC) 2013,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, September 27-28
  • Member, IMC Sunday School, The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, 2013
  • Translator, Federation International Football Association (FIFA) 2007, Women’s World Cup, Chengdu, China, September 11-18
  • Tutor, SOS Children’s Village Chengdu, China, 2005 May 28-29