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Picture of Guerra Lyons, Jesus David
Guerra Lyons, Jesus David
PhD Student (FT)

M.A. in English Language Teaching (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)
B.A. in Education with emphasis in English Language Teaching (Universidad de Córdoba, Colombia)

Room No.AG415
Tel2766 6095
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Research areas:

Systemic Functional Linguistics
Language development
Literacy pedagogy
Spanish grammar and discourse
Corpus Linguistics

Title of thesis:

How linguists’ writing changes: a case study of linguists’ diachronic construal of theoretical entities and epistemic stance enactment

Description of thesis research:

My thesis focuses on the writing development of scholars in the area of linguistics, with particular interest in their use of language strategies for construing theoretical entities and enacting epistemic stance. Theoretical entities are the “things” that scholars theorize about and one of my aims is to explore how their representation evolves throughout specific linguists’ writing trajectories. I also aim to explore specific scholars’ diachronic enactment of epistemic stance, that is, the degree of certainty with which they make knowledge claims over time. In both aspects, the key questions to address are, first, whether there is any recognizable pattern of diachronic variation, and secondly, what language resources and strategies are most directly implicated. I use corpus-based and text analytical tools in pursuing an answer to these questions.


2015-present: Lenguaje y Educación Research group, Universidad del Norte, Colombia.

2015: Project coordinator: Proyecto de Evaluación de Materiales de la Serie “English, please!”, Convenio 721 Universidad del Norte-Ministerio de Educación Nacional

2014: Series Co-Editor: EPIC Tutor’s Handbook, British Council-Ministerio de Educación Nacional


Guerra-Lyons, J.D. & Moss, M.G. (forthcoming). Construing symbolic exchange in academic registers of Spanish: Sayers and projection in linguistics articles in Colombian journals. In K. Ling, I. Mwinlaaru & D. Tay (Eds.) Aspects of specialized Genres. London: Routledge.

Guerra-Lyons, J.D. & Herrera-Bonilla, M.L. (2017). El compromiso en la teoría de la valoración. Conceptos y aplicaciones pedagógicas. Forma y Funcioon, 30(2), 51-56. Doi:

Guerra-Lyons, J.D. (2016). Peer support in small group EFL writing tasks. Cuadernos de Lingüística Hispánica, (28), 149-166. doi:

Conference presentations

Guerra-Lyons, J.D. (2017, June). A Diachronic Analysis of Halliday’s enactment of interpersonal meaning: a semiotic lifeline perspective on scholar writing development. Paper presented at 28th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, University of Pavia, Pavia-Italy.

Moss, M.G. & Guerra-Lyons, J.D. (2016, July). Characteristics of Sayers in verbal clauses found in journal articles in the field of Language and Linguistics in Spanish. Paper presented at 27th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain.

Guerra-Lyons, J.D. (2016, September). La construcción de la actitud en procesos verbales de artículos de investigación en el área de lingüística. 12th Congress of the Latin American Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics ALSFAL, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla-Colombia.


2016: Designing valid reading tests. A course for In-service Primary teachers. Centro de Educación Continuada, Universidad del Norte.

2015-2017: Competencias Comunicativas II (Coordinator): A course on academic writing skills for undergraduate students. Universidad del Norte, Colombia

2013-2015: English V, VI, VIII, Instituto de Idiomas, Universidad del Norte.


Organizing Committee Member- Joint Postgraduate Student Symposium 2018, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Organizing Committee Member- 12th Congress of the Latin American Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics ALSFAL, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla-Colombia.