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Picture of Bhatia, Aditi (Dr)
Bhatia, Aditi (Dr)
Associate Professor

Doctor of Philosophy, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2007

Bachelor of Arts (Honors), University of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, 2003

Room No.AG409
Tel2766 4382
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Research Overview

I study the discursive construction of social and political phenomenon from a critical discourse analytical perspective. My goal is to better understand how people in society use language in identity-construction and argumentation.

My most recent book, Discursive Illusions in Public Discourse: Theory and Practice, puts forwards a multi-perspective discourse analytical framework, that of Discourse of Illusion, which seeks to theorise and analyse how ideological arguments posed by competing groups are formed and spread in society for the purpose of achieving collective consent. As such, I have done extensive research on political discourse, particularly in terrorism and public square movements (part of this research features in my book).

Currently, I am the principal investigator of a project on Digital Professions that aims to explore identity-construction on YouTube. I am also a member of the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English (RCPCE) and member of the Editorial Advisory Board for World Englishes.

I am particularly interested in research projects that focus on public discourses, especially those deriving from politics, new and traditional media, and engaging them from the perspective of critical discourse analysis.  

Teaching Areas

Critical Discourse Analysis
Critical Language and Cultural Studies
Popular Culture and English
Discourse and the Professions 

Research Interests

Critical Discourse Analysis
Language and Politics
Digital Professions
Applied Linguistics

Research Output 


Bhatia, Aditi (forthcoming) Digital Influencers and Online Expertise: The Linguistic Power of Beauty Vloggers. London & New York: Routledge

Bhatia, Aditi (2015) Discursive Illusions in Public Discourse: Theory and Practice. London & New York: Routledge

Jenks, Chris J., Lou, Jackie, and Bhatia, Aditi (eds) (2015) The Discourse of Culture and Identity in National and Transnational Contexts. London & New York: Routledge 

Journal Special Issue

Bhatia Aditi (ed) (forthcoming) ‘World Englishes and Critical Discourse Analysis’. World Englishes

Jenks, Chris J., Lou, Jackie, and Bhatia, Aditi (eds) (2013) ‘The Discourse of Culture and Identity in National and Transnational Contexts’. Language and Intercultural Communication 13(2). 

Journal Articles

Jenks, Chris J and Bhatia Aditi (2020) ‘Infesting our country’ – Discursive illusions in anti-immigration border talk’. Language and Intercultural Communication

Bhatia, Aditi (2019) ‘Vlogging and the discursive co-construction of ethnicity and beauty’. World Englishes. 39(1), 7-21.

Ross, Andrew S. and Bhatia, Aditi (2019) ‘#secondcivilwarletters from the front: Discursive illusions in a trending Twitter hashtag’. New Media and Society, 21(10), 2222-2241

Bhatia, Aditi and Jenks, Chris J (2018) ‘Fabricating the American Dream in US media portrayals of Syrian refugees: A discourse analytical study’. Discourse & Communication 12(3), 223-239.

Bhatia, Aditi (2018) ‘Interdiscursive Performance in Digital Professions: The Case of YouTube Tutorials’.  Journal of Pragmatics 124, 106-120.

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Bhatia, Aditi (2011) ‘Finding Faith and Solidarity: Building Community in Political Press Conferences’. Iberica 21, 117-139.

Bhatia, Aditi and Bhatia, Vijay K (2011) ‘Discursive Illusions in Legislative Discourse’. The International Journal of the Semiotics of Law 24(1), 1-19.

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Bhatia, Aditi (2006) ‘Critical Discourse Analysis of Political Press Conferences’. Discourse & Society 17(2), 173-203. 

Book Chapters

Bhatia, A (forthcoming) ‘Discursive Construction of the Public Square in Hong Kong’. In Vijay K Bhatia and Jerome Tessuto (eds) Social Media in Legal Practice. Routledge.

Bhatia, Aditi and Ross, Andrew S. (2020) ‘Trumpian tweets and populist politics: A corpus-assisted discourse analytical study’. In Ruth Breeze and Ana Maria Fernandez Vallejo (eds) Populist discourses across modes and media. Peter Lang.

Bhatia, Aditi (2018) ‘Narratives of Struggle and Legitimacy in the Arab Spring’. In Damian Rivers and Andrew Ross (eds), Participatory Digital Cultures and Contemporary Discourses of (De)Legitimization. Routledge.

Bhatia, Aditi (2017) ‘The Discursive Construction of Terrorism and Violence’. In John Flowerdew and John Richardson (eds) Handbook of Critical Discourse Analysis. Routledge.

Bhatia, Vijay K and Bhatia, Aditi (2017) ‘Interdiscursive Manipulation in Media Reporting: The Case of Panama Papers in India’. In Maurizo Gotti et al. (ed) Power, persuasion and manipulation in specialised genres. Peter Lang.

Bhatia, Aditi (2016) ‘Legal necessity or competitive advantage: a critical analysis of workplace diversity initiatives in Hong Kong’. In Jerome Tessuto (ed) Constructing Legal Discourses and Social Practices: Issues and Perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: UK

Bhatia, Aditi (2015) ‘The Discursive Portrayals of Osama Bin Laden’. In Susan Jeffords and Fahed Al-Sumait (eds) Covering bin Laden: Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man. University of Illinois Press: USA.

Bhatia, Aditi (2013) ‘World of the Impolitic: A Critical Study of the WMD Dossier’. In Adam Hodges (ed) Oxford Series in SociolinguisticsThe Discourses of War and Peace. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bhatia, Aditi (2013) ‘Comment on Demont-Heinrich's Linguistically privileged and cursed? American university students and the global hegemony of English'. Republished in Robert Phillipson, Linguistic Imperialism Continued. Routledge.

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Bhatia, Aditi (2006) ‘Language and Ideology in Political Press Conferences’. In Azirah Hashim and Norizah Hassan (eds) English in Southeast Asia: Prospects, Perspectives and Possibilities. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press. 

Bhatia, Vijay K. and Bhatia, Aditi (2004) ‘Global Genres in Local Contexts’. In Christopher  N. Candlin and Maurizio Gotti (eds) Intercultural Aspects of Specialized Communication. Bern: Peter Lang.  

Research Projects (funded projects – both internal and external)

Principal Investigator, ‘Hashtag Activism in HK Protests’. Public Policy Research Grant (2020).

Co-Investigator, ‘The Contribution of Minority Languages and Dialects to Hong Kong’s Linguistic Landscape’. Public Policy Research Grant. Principal Investigator Prof John Bacon-Shone (2019-2020).

Principal Investigator, ‘Investigating Identity-Construction in Popular Culture: A YouTube-Based Study’. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Incentive Grant (2017-2019).

Principal Investigator, ‘A Discourse-Based Study of Corporate Diversity Initiatives in Hong Kong’. City University of Hong Kong Strategic Research Grant (2015-2016).

Co-Investigator, ‘The Discourse of Food Labelling in Hong Kong: Public Policy and Discursive Practice’. HK Research Grants Council General Research Fund. Principal Investigator Prof Rodney H. Jones (2011-2012).

Co-Investigator, ‘A Study of Discursive Barriers to Comprehending and Assessing Climate-Change Argumentation’. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SIG) Institutional Grant. Principal Investigator Dr Graham Smart (2011).

Co-Investigator, ‘Glocalizing Luxury Homes: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Multilingual and Multimodal Real Estate Promotional Materials in Hong Kong, New Delhi, and Shanghai’. City University of Hong Kong Strategic Research Grant. Principal Investigator Dr Alice Chik (2010-2011). 

Principal Investigator, ‘A Discourse Analytical Study of Collective Argumentation in the Climate-Change Debate: Asian and North American Perspectives’. City University of Hong Kong Strategic Research Grant (2010-2011).

Esteem Measures

Professional associations

Member of International Association of World Englishes (IAWE)

Editorial/Advisory board memberships

Member of Editorial Advisory Board for World Englishes

Awards and honours

Dean’s Award for Research Excellence, Faculty of Humanities, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2019

Higher Degree Research Excellence Award, Macquarie University, 2007

Dell Hymes Commendation for Sociolinguistics, University of Wales, Cardiff, 2003