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1-3 July 2020 Communication, Medicine and Ethics (COMET) conference

18 Oct 2019

The 16th Annual James J. Bradac Memorial Lecture: Good and Bad in Healthcare Communication - Forget the Consequences, Let's Explore Antecedents.

7 - 9 July 2019 Small group discussionAASP_IALSP Program: Narratives of identity: Bridging the divides in a multicultural world - an AASP-IALSP task force
 6 July 2019  Workshop: Learning how to manage patient aggression to prevent workplace violence in healthcare
14 June 2019 Expanding Horizons in health communication - panel at IPRA International Conference, Hong Kong
22 - 23 Feb 2019 Communication and Safety in Healthcare: Symposium & Workshop
17 Jan 2019 Joint Seminar: Going beyond communication skills towards advancing 'communicative expertise' in healthcare practice
20 Nov 2018 Lecture: Preventing Burnout through Improving Workplace Communities
14 Jun 2018 Interactive Talk: "Breaking through the barriers to 'speaking up' in health care"
2 Mar 2018

'Expanding Horizons in Health Communication': Call for submissions for an edited book

醫療傳訊 啓迪拓新文集徵稿

19-20 Jan 2018

Expanding Horizons in Health Communication: Symposium & Workshop

醫療傳訊 啓迪拓新研討會

Past events include:

14 Dec 2017 - 17 Jan 2018

Logo Design Competition


Nov 2017 

IRCCH has been renamed IRCAHC.


1 Jun 2017

Prof. Bernadette Watson took over the International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare (IRCCH).

Bernadette Watson教授接管醫療傳意國際研究中心 (IRCCH)