About this series (information from the publisher) “This book series publishes original monographs and edited volumes in the humanities on issues specific to Asia, as well as general issues in the humanities within the context of Asia, or issues which were shaped by or can be enlightened by Asian perspectives. The emphasis is on excellence and originality in scholarship as well as synergetic interdisciplinary approaches and multicultural perspectives. Books exploring the role of the humanities in our highly connected society will be especially welcomed. The series publishes books that deal with emerging issues as well as those that offer an in-depth examination of underlying issues. The target audience of this series include both scholars and professionals who are interested in issues related to Asia, including its people, its history, its society and environment, as well as the global impact of its development and interaction with the rest of the world. The Humanities in Asia book series is published in conjunction with Springer under the auspices of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities (HKAH). The editorial board of The Humanities in Asia consists of HKAH fellows as well as leading humanities scholars who are affiliated or associated with leading learned societies for the humanities in the world.” Source:


Proposed title: The Humanities in Asia – Expanding Horizons in Health Communication


The proposed book would be comprised of up to 10 chapters of original, unpublished research or analytic commentary focused on topics related to the field of health communication research. At this stage it is envisaged that each chapter would be approximately 8000 words in length.


Scope of the proposed special edition


The proposed special edition will bring together original, unpublished work undertaken by researchers across Asia and, specifically, Hong Kong and mainland China. The idea for the book was inspired by the inaugural symposium of the International Research Centre for the Advancement of Health Communication (IRCAHC) in January 2018 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The symposium, and this proposed book, aimed to explore the interface between Western and Asian perspectives on health communication. Although both Western and Asian perspectives make significant contributions to the field of health communication there is a lack of research into how the often diverse theories, methodologies and analytic approaches can be used in collaborative ways to inform and improve health care in Asia and internationally. This proposed edited book sets out to address this gap by publishing research that draws on empirical and documentary data gathered in Asia to explore contemporary understandings and approaches to communication in health and care. This may include but is not limited to work that analyses communication and language between health care workers (including doctors and nurses) and patients or clients, as well as how health and care needs are communicated and discussed amongst patients, care givers and communities more broadly. Importantly, this book will provide an opportunity for researchers to explore how both Western and Asian theoretical perspectives can inform and enhance understandings of health and communication.


Submission requirements


If you are interested in contributing to the proposed book please submit both an abstract and an extended abstract by Friday 2nd March 2018. We require both an abstract and an extended abstract in order to assess the full aims and scope of the paper. Requirements for abstracts and extended abstracts are set out below:


1. Abstract: up to 250 words in length. Please include the focus of your work and background context/rationale.

2. Extended abstract: up to 800 words (excluding citations and references, in APA format, 12-point Times Roman font, double spaced). Please include information under the following headings for the extended abstract:






References (maximum of 10)


Please submit your abstracts and extended abstracts as Word documents attached to an email with up to date contact details and institutional affiliations. Email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 2nd March 2018.


Please contact us directly if you have any queries or questions.