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Motto, Vision & Mission 校訓、願景及使命

Moving Forward 邁步向前

At PolyU, we have developed an ecosystem of innovation. 在理大,我們已經建立了一個創新生態系統。

PolyU is an institution where innovation has long been the norm. This proud tradition is supported by our forward-thinking approach to education, research and knowledge transfer.

We enrich students’ university lives and instil in them the innovative capabilities that are essential to achieving success in their careers. The University also imbues them with the entrepreneurial skills required to start new businesses that will thrive in today’s competitive environment.

At PolyU, we have developed an ecosystem of innovation. We achieve research excellence by focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration, supported by our world-class research facilities. Our researchers take into consideration community, business and industry needs to ensure their work has a meaningful social and industrial impact.

Working closely with our national and international partners, we make full use of the resources and opportunities available in order to face the challenges of our times and make contributions of lasting value. As reflected in the theme of this annual report, “Inspiring lives Creating impact”, PolyU will continue to provide young people with an education of the highest quality and inspire them to change the world for the better.

理大向來力求創新,無論教育﹑ 科研及知識轉移均極具前瞻性 , 因此成就了這個值得引以為傲的創新傳統。