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In order to promote effective use of new steel materials and products in engineering construction, the CNERC 
Laboratory of Mechanics and Steel Materials is established to:

  • conduct fundamental studies into mechanical properties of new generations of steel materials;
  • develop welding technologies for the new generations of steel materials;
  • Structural performance of high strength structural members and their connections
  • provide design guidance on the structural requirements on the new generations of steel materials, and the corresponding welding specifications.


Research team:

Dr. H. C. Ho

Deputy Laboratory-in-charge:
Dr. Y. F. Hu, Research Assistant Professor

Prof. K. F. Chung       (Director of CNERC for Steel Construction – HK Branch)
Prof. M. X. Huang      (Professor, The University of Hong Kong)
Prof. G. H. Feng         (Professor, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute)
Dr. Z. B. Jiao              (Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME, PolyU)
Dr. Shirmy X. M. Lin  (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of BRE, PolyU)
Dr. P. Fei. Men          (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Mr. H. Jin                      (PhD student)
Miss Murphy M. F. Zhu (PhD student)
Miss Phyllis M. F. Li    (PhD student)
Mr. Peter W. Chen      (PhD student)
Mr. Q. He                      (PhD student)
Mr. Y. C. Wang           (Research Associate)
Mr. Taco T. K. Li          (Research Assistant)


Research themes:
  • Constitutive models for high strength steels under both monotonic and cyclic actions;
  • Welding procedure specifications for high strength welded joints using different welding methods;
  • Technical guide on effective uses of high strength steel in building construction – Structural Design;
  • Technical guide on effective uses of high strength steel in building construction – Construction Issues


Research achievements and impacts:








  • 地址: 九龙 红磡 国家钢结构工程技术研究中心香港分中心 香港理工大学 第八期 Z106室
  • +852 3400 8451