Work Themes

Major Work Themes

Work Theme A:   Sustainable Infrastructure Development

To confront potential durability problems of the infrastructure in Hong Kong, CNERC will investigate and understand various controlling mechanisms in corrosion in both reinforced concrete structures and exposed structural steelwork. The following two research areas will be addressed:

  • Atmospheric corrosivity of exposed structural steelwork under local environments in Hong Kong.
  • Localized corrosion in galvanized steel reinforcements in reinforced concrete structures.

CNERC will conduct various projects, and develop design recommendations suitable for implementation in Hong Kong. These new recommendations will be of paramount importance for durability assessment on existing structures as well as durability design of new structures in Hong Kong and neighbouring cities in the Pearl River Delta Region.


Work Theme B:   Structural Engineering on Modern Steel Construction

To promote modern steel construction technology in Hong Kong as well as in overseas, CNERC will formulate effective use of high performance constructional materials, in particular, of high strength steel materials produced in China. The following four research areas will be addressed:

  • Effective use of high performance Q690 to Q960 steel materials
  • Application of high performance Q690 to Q960 steel materials in building and civil engineering structures
  • International practice on engineering design and management
  • International visibility of Chinese Steel Construction Industry

CNERC will conduct various research and development projects, and compile design recommendations for application of high strength steel materials. This will provide an important positioning of Hong Kong construction professionals in working with the Chinese Steel Construction Industry in exporting steel materials and structural steelwork to overseas construction projects.


Technology Development


International Practice and Visibility


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CNERCEstablishment of the Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (Hong Kong Branch) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) was approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), People’s Republic of China on 12th October 2015.

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Chinese National Engineering Research Center for Steel Construction (Hong Kong Branch)
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