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Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

General Information

Official Name: Tsing Ma Bridge
Owner:  Highways Department, the Government of Hong Kong SAR
Structure Forms: Double-decked suspension bridge
Overall Bridge Length: 2,160m
Width: 41m
Main Span Length: 1377m
Span Length: 63 m - 76.5 m - 355.5 m - 1,377 m - 355.5 m - 4 x 72 m
Clearance below: 53m
Function/usage: Motorway bridge/freeway bridge
  Railroad (railway) bridge
Carries: 6 lanes of roadway (upper)
  2 MTR rail tracks, 
  2 lanes of roadway (lower)
Crosses:  Ma Wan Channel
Locale: Ma Wan Island and Tsing Yi Island
Part of: Lantau Link
  Airport Express (MTR)
  Tung Chung Line
Beginnng of Construction: Jun 1992
Opened: 22 May 1997


Design and Construction

Architect: Yee Associates
Design & Consulting Engineers: Mott MacDonald
Structural Engineer: Tony Gee and Partners LLP (temporary works)
Checking Engineer: Flint & Neill Partnership
Contractors: Anglo-Japanese Construction JV:
  Mitsui Construction
  Trafalgar House Co. (Asia) Ltd.
  A. R. Rees (resident engineer)
Subcontractors: Dorman Long Technology
  Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd. (superstructure)
  Saddles (3000t), span cables (28,000t), suspension system, suspended deck and approach spans;
  responsible for all the construction engineering:
  Gammon Construction
  Kvaerner AS
Construction Manager: Sir William Halcrow & Partners


Construction Information

Cable Materials: Steel
Tower Materials: Reinforced concrete
Weight of Concrete (Tsing Yi anchorages): 200,000 tonnes
Weight of Concrete (Ma Wan end): 250,000 tonnes
Cable Steel Supplier: Bridon International
No. of Cables: 2
No. of 5.38mm Wires (main span): 33400
No. of 5.38mm Wires (side span): 35224
Total Length of Wire: 160,000 km
Total Weight of Wire: 26,700 tonnes
Load in Each Cable: 53,000 tonnes
Weight of Structural Steel: 49,000 tonnes
Equivalent Weight of Steel: 22.7 tonnes/metre
Height of Towers: 206m
Weight of Concrete Per Tower: 52,000 tonnes
Tower Saddle Weight: 500 tonnes each


Technical Data

Maximum Movements  
Vertical (at mid-span): 4.7 m
  1.3 m (due to temperature changes)
Lateral (at mid-span): 4.4 m (due to wind)
Longitudinal: ±0.835 m (at Tsing Yi abutment)
Design Parameters: 20 kN/m
  wind gust speed of 85 m/s
Design Traffic Speeds  
Road: 100 km/hr
Railway: 135 km/hr


Internet Resources

Highways Department: English: https://www.hyd.gov.hk/en/publications_and_publicity/publications/hyd_factsheets/doc/e_Tsing_Ma_Bridge.pdf
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Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsing_Ma_Bridge
Video: 翡翠台 - 鏗鏘集之橋橫水急 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_19XlwnO9I&list=PL16OcUphgzF4kPL4LX2Rkzt39HgZt0bxq

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