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Awards & Patents

Awards and Patents in 2022

The third prize in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of National Innovation Center of High Speed Train 國家高速列車技術創新中心創新創業大賽: 創新組三等獎

Chinese Patent: A novel methodology for vibration and noise control using modular rail particle damper in rail transit systems (一種基於模塊化鋼軌顆粒阻尼器的軌道交通減振降噪方法) — Prof. Y.Q. NI, Dr. Masoud SAJJADI, Dr. C.S. LIN, Mr. C. ZHANG

Chinese Patent: A modular rail particle damper (MRPD) for noise and vibration mitigation in rail transit systems (一種用於軌道交通減振降噪的模塊化鋼軌顆粒阻尼器) — Prof. Y.Q. NI, Dr. Masoud SAJJADI, Dr. C.S. LIN, Mr. C. ZHANG

Awards and Patents in 2021

Chinese Patent: Self-centering energy-dissipating bracing devices (自複位耗能支撐裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:Image analysis system and apparatus for track detection (一種適用於軌道檢測的影像分析系統和裝置) — Dr. S.M. Wang & Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Chinese Patent:A method of ultra-precison machining technology for fabricating gradient nanostructured metallic materials (一種超精密加工技術製備梯度納米結構金屬材料的方法) — Dr. X.S. Yang

Chinese Patent:A superelastic shape memory alloy-based self-centering coupling beam (一種基於超彈性形狀記憶合金的自複位連梁) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:A rail crack monitoring system using fiber optic based ultrasonic guided wave detection technology (一種基於光纖超聲導波技術的鐵軌裂紋監測系統) — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Chinese Patent:A tunable low-frequency wave energy converter (一種低頻且頻率可調的浮子式波浪發電裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

長江學者獎勵計劃 — 倪一清教授

Chinese Patent:Electromagnetic apparatus for generating negative stiffness and method of vibration control (用於產生負剛度的電磁設備和振動控制的方法) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:Maglev Controlling System (磁懸浮控制系統) — Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Dr. S.M. Wang & Mr. Y. Lu

Awards and Patents in 2020

Chinese Patent:Hybrid self-centering and viscous dampers (自複位粘滯複合阻尼器) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:一種光纖布拉格光柵角度傳感器 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni & Mr. C. Zhang

Co-Chair of ISHMII Committee on Standardization — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Editorial Board Member of Advances in Bridge Engineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

中國鐵道學會2019年度學術活動二等優秀論文 — 倪一清教授

Vice President for Finance and member of the Executive Council of ISHMII — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

The 3rd International Workshop on Seawater Sea-Sand Concrete (SSC) Structures Reinforced with FRP Composites — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

2019年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎二等獎 — 倪一清教授

2019年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎二等獎 — 香港理工大學

Awards and Patents in 2019

Electromagnetic shunt dampers with adjustable mechanical behavior (一種力學行為可變的電磁分流阻尼器系統) - Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:A novel wave energy converter (一種波浪能發電裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Awards and Patents in 2018

Chinese Patent:A bridge damage quantification method based on deflection influence lines (一種基於撓度影響線的橋樑局部損傷量化方法) — Prof. Songye Zhu

西南交通大學陸地交通地質災害防治技術國家工程實驗室 — 倪一清教授

Awards and Patents in 2017

HKIE Structural Excellence Award 2017 R&D Award Finalist — Prof. Songye Zhu

SHM 2017 Person of the Year — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

The International Forum on High-Speed Railway 2017 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

軌道交通安全關鍵技術國際合作聯合實驗室學術委員會委員 — 倪一清教授

The 6th International Forum on Opto-Electronic Sensor-Based Monitoring in Geoengineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

第十屆(2017)公共工程非破壞檢測技術研討會 — 倪一清教授

Nishino Prize 2017 — Prof. Songye Zhu

The 8th Cross-strait Summer School on Monitoring and Control in Civil Engineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Awards and Patents in 2016

浙江大學建築工程學院客座教授 — 倪一清教授

國家科學技術進步獎二等獎 — 倪一清教授

國家科學技術進步獎二等獎 — 香港理工大學

Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding 2016 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni



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