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Awards & Patents

Awards and Patents in 2023

發明專利: 一种基于滑窗变分自编码器的非监督裂缝识别方法 -- 魏元昊;倪一清;王友武

發明專利: 一种数据驱动的列车轴承故障诊断方法--魏元昊;王友武;倪一清;郑有梁

Fiber optic sensor and magnetic field strength measuring device - Dr. C.X. Lai, Dr. S.M. Wang, Prof. Y.Q. Ni (實用新型專利: 光纖傳感器及磁場強度測量裝置 -- 赖春祥;王素梅;倪一清)

Device for diagnosing bearing faults of acoustic train based on trackside - Dr Y.W. Wang, Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Mr Z.L. Zheng (實用新型專利: 一種基於軌旁聲學列車軸承故障診斷裝置 -- 王友武;倪一清;郑有梁)

Method for monitoring arch-up deformation state of intelligent power-supply-free ballastless track plate - Dr Y.W. Wang, Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Mr K.K Ho, Mr Y.T Leung, Mr J. Xu (發明專利:一種智能免供電無砟軌道板上拱變形狀態監測方法 -- 王友武;倪一清;何家驹;梁有东;徐嘉)

Train bearing fault diagnosis method based on Bayesian blind source separation technology - Dr Y.W. Wang, Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Youliang Zheng (發明專利: 一種基於貝葉斯盲源分離技術的列車軸承故障診斷方法 -- 王友武;倪一清;郑有梁)

Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding 2023 - Prof. Yiqing NI

System for monitoring deformation state of upper arch of intelligent power-supply-free ballastless track plate - Dr Y.W. Wang, Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Mr K.K Ho, Mr Y.T Leung, Mr J. Xu (實用新型專利:一種智能免供電無砟軌道板上拱變形狀態監測系統 -- 王友武;倪一清;何家驹;梁有东;徐嘉)

Awards and Patents in 2022

2022年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎一等獎 — 香港理工大學

2022年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎一等獎 — 倪一清教授

Editorial Excellence Award to Prof. Yi-Qing Ni: For his outstanding contribution to the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring (JCSHM)

First Prize Award of Science and Technology, China Society for Highway, 2022. “Key technologies of vibration reduction, corrosion prevention, and monitoring and early warning of long span bridges in coastal environment(滨海环境大跨桥梁缆索减振、防腐与监测预警关键技术)” — Prof. Ni Y.Q.

Appointment as a Co Editor-in-Chief of the editorial board of Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure — Prof. Ni Y.Q.

Outstanding Project Award in an Innovation and Creativity Competition on Reinforcement Learning — Qi Zhu, Yang Lu

Winning the First Prize in the 2nd International Competition for Structural Health Monitoring (IC-SHM, 2021) — Enze Rui , Wenqiang Liu , Lei Yuan , Siyi Chen Youliang Zheng

The 8th World Conference on Structural Control and Monitoring Keynote Speaker— Prof. Ni Y.Q.

Certificate of service as guest editor of special issue "Structural Monitoring Using Advanced NDT Techniques" — Prof. Y.Q. NI

The third prize in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of National Innovation Center of High Speed Train 國家高速列車技術創新中心創新創業大賽: 創新組三等獎

Chinese Patent: A novel methodology for vibration and noise control using modular rail particle damper in rail transit systems (一種基於模塊化鋼軌顆粒阻尼器的軌道交通減振降噪方法) — Prof. Y.Q. NI, Dr. Masoud SAJJADI, Dr. C.S. LIN, Mr. C. ZHANG

Chinese Patent: A modular rail particle damper (MRPD) for noise and vibration mitigation in rail transit systems (一種用於軌道交通減振降噪的模塊化鋼軌顆粒阻尼器) — Prof. Y.Q. NI, Dr. Masoud SAJJADI, Dr. C.S. LIN, Mr. C. ZHANG

Awards and Patents in 2021

Chinese Patent:2021浙江省自然科學獎獎狀 — Prof. Y.Q. NI

Chinese Patent:2021浙江省自然科學獎獎狀 — The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Chinese Patent: Self-centering energy-dissipating bracing devices (自複位耗能支撐裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:Image analysis system and apparatus for track detection (一種適用於軌道檢測的影像分析系統和裝置) — Dr. S.M. Wang & Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Chinese Patent:A method of ultra-precison machining technology for fabricating gradient nanostructured metallic materials (一種超精密加工技術製備梯度納米結構金屬材料的方法) — Dr. X.S. Yang

Chinese Patent:Method and apparatus for real-time inspection of multiple point structural displacement (實時檢測物體的多處結構變形或位移的方法與裝置) — Prof. X.L. Ding

Chinese Patent:A superelastic shape memory alloy-based self-centering coupling beam (一種基於超彈性形狀記憶合金的自複位連梁) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:A rail crack monitoring system using fiber optic based ultrasonic guided wave detection technology (一種基於光纖超聲導波技術的鐵軌裂紋監測系統) — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Chinese Patent:A tunable low-frequency wave energy converter (一種低頻且頻率可調的浮子式波浪發電裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

長江學者獎勵計劃 — 倪一清教授

Chinese Patent:Electromagnetic apparatus for generating negative stiffness and method of vibration control (用於產生負剛度的電磁設備和振動控制的方法) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:Maglev Controlling System (磁懸浮控制系統) — Prof. Y.Q. Ni, Dr. S.M. Wang & Mr. Y. Lu

Awards and Patents in 2020

Chinese Patent:Hybrid self-centering and viscous dampers (自複位粘滯複合阻尼器) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:一種光纖布拉格光柵角度傳感器 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni & Mr. C. Zhang

Co-Chair of ISHMII Committee on Standardization — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Editorial Board Member of Advances in Bridge Engineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

中國鐵道學會2019年度學術活動二等優秀論文 — 倪一清教授

Vice President for Finance and member of the Executive Council of ISHMII — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

The 3rd International Workshop on Seawater Sea-Sand Concrete (SSC) Structures Reinforced with FRP Composites — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

2019年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎二等獎 — 倪一清教授

2019年度中國振動工程學會科學技術獎二等獎 — 香港理工大學

Awards and Patents in 2019

Electromagnetic shunt dampers with adjustable mechanical behavior (一種力學行為可變的電磁分流阻尼器系統) - Prof. Songye Zhu

Chinese Patent:A novel wave energy converter (一種波浪能發電裝置) — Prof. Songye Zhu

Awards and Patents in 2018

Chinese Patent:A bridge damage quantification method based on deflection influence lines (一種基於撓度影響線的橋樑局部損傷量化方法) — Prof. Songye Zhu

西南交通大學陸地交通地質災害防治技術國家工程實驗室 — 倪一清教授

Awards and Patents in 2017

HKIE Structural Excellence Award 2017 R&D Award Finalist — Prof. Songye Zhu

SHM 2017 Person of the Year — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

The International Forum on High-Speed Railway 2017 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

軌道交通安全關鍵技術國際合作聯合實驗室學術委員會委員 — 倪一清教授

The 6th International Forum on Opto-Electronic Sensor-Based Monitoring in Geoengineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

第十屆(2017)公共工程非破壞檢測技術研討會 — 倪一清教授

Nishino Prize 2017 — Prof. Songye Zhu

The 8th Cross-strait Summer School on Monitoring and Control in Civil Engineering — Prof. Y.Q. Ni

Awards and Patents in 2016

浙江大學建築工程學院客座教授 — 倪一清教授

國家科學技術進步獎二等獎 — 倪一清教授

國家科學技術進步獎二等獎 — 香港理工大學

Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Funding 2016 — Prof. Y.Q. Ni



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