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Students are required to obtain 63 credits to fulfill the programme graduation requirements, with 9 credits of General University Requirements (GUR) and 54 credits of Major Study Requirements, respectively.

General University Requirements (GUR)No. of Subjects RequiredNo. of Credits Required
Cluster Areas Requirement (CAR) subjects 2 6
Service Learning 1 3


Major Study RequirementsNo. of Subjects RequiredNo. of Credits Required
Work-Integrated Education (WIE) 1 (CC313 Work-Integrated Education) 3
Capstone Project 1 (CC402 Capstone Project in Chinese Culture) 3
Discipline Specific Requirements (DSR) 16 48
Discipline-Specific Language Requirement
  • CBS3351P Academic Writing and Communication in Chinese
  • ELC3321 English for Students of Chinese Cultural Studies
2 6
Core Subjects
  • CC308 / CC308P Discovering Chinese Culture in the Field
  • CC309 / CC309P Chinese Film and Its Social and Historical Context
  • CC315 / CC315P Cultural Contact between China and the West
  • APSS3601 Government and Public Administration in Contemporary China
4 12
Specific Area Subjects*

[1] Culture and Society

  • CC310 / CC310P Confucianism, Classical Learning and the State#
  • CC311 / CC311P Ancient Chinese Customs
  • APSS360 Social Problems and Social Issues in Contemporary China
[2] History and Institution
  • CC305 / CC305P Modern Chinese History and Culture#
  • CC306 / CC306P Politics and Military Affairs in Imperial China
  • CC312 / CC312P Women in China
[3] Thoughts and Religion
  • CC3231 / CC3231P Major Religions in China#
  • CC307 / CC307P Chinese Folk Religions and Beliefs
  • CC316 / CC316P Guided Studies in The Four Books
[4] Literature and Arts
  • CC3161 / CC3161P The Art of Literary and Practical Chinese Writing#
  • CC314 / CC314P Art and Culture of China
  • CC4241 / CC4241P Chinese Traditional Theatre and Performing Arts
[5] Policy and Management
  • CC4151 / CC4151P Chinese Cultural Policy and Heritage Management#
  • AF2602 Global Economic Environment
  • HTM3251 Tourism and Chinese Culture
10 30

*Students have to take 2 subjects (6 credits) from each of the 5 areas, including the compulsory subject, which is marked with a #.

*Please click here to view the Definitive Programme Document (DPD) for 2019-20 cohort.