Two papers by CBS colleagues have been selected as Lingua Editor’s choices

Congratulations on the two research papers by PolyUCBS colleagues that are selected as Lingua Editor’s choices for having significant potential impacts in the field of linguistics. Two of the authors, Dr. Huiheng Zeng and Ms. Siyu Lei are CBS’ Post-doctoral Fellow and PhD student respectively. The papers will be available free of charge until the end of December 2021.


Winnie Huiheng Zeng, Christian Burgers, Kathleen Ahrens. 2021. Framing metaphor use over time: ‘Free Economy’ metaphors in Hong Kong political discourse (1997–2017). Lingua, Volume 252, 102955. https://doi.org/gh6t2x


Siyu Lei, Ruiying Yang, Chu-Ren Huang. 2021. Emergent neologism: A study of an emerging meaning with competing forms based on the first six months of COVID-19. Lingua, Volume 258, 103095. https://doi.org/gwmn