FH paper selected as Editors’ Choice by Lingua, a top journal in linguistics

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The paper authored by Dr Qingqing Zhao (PhD '18, PolyU)  of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Prof Chu-ren Huang of CBS and Prof Kathleen Ahrens of ENGL has been selected as one of Lingua's Editors’ Choices in 2020. Selected by Lingua's Editors as noteworthy and likely to be of high interest to the community, the paper will be available free of charge until the end of March 2020.


Zhao, Huang and Ahrens (2019) 剛剛被選為2020年Lingua 主編特選之一;也就是發表於Lingua的論文中主編認為學術貢獻與影響潛力最高的論文。這篇論文在2020年三月底前視同開源,可以開放無償下載。歡迎與有興趣的同行分享。


Qingqing Zhao, Chu-Ren Huang, Kathleen Ahrens. Online first, 2019. Directionality of linguistic synesthesia in Mandarin: A corpus-based study. Lingua. Vol. 232, #1201744