Postgraduate Research Symposium on Linguistics, Language, and Speech (PRSLLS)

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The Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies (CBS) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is excited to announce that we are going to host the PRSLLS on 18th and 19th June 2021. The symposium will be held online due to COVID-19 situations worldwide.


The symposium will provide an inter-institutional forum for postgraduate research students from different disciplines to present and discuss their works, exchange ideas and share experiences. Scholars and experts of linguistics, speech and language development or acquisition and communication disorders are welcomed to join the event. 


The programme of the symposium will include two keynote presentations from international scholars. The symposium will also have two workshops for postgraduate research students on research presentation skills and academic writing, as well as using different software for the statistical analyses of (computational) linguistics research.


To learn more about the symposium, please visit http://www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/PRS2021/