The WIE of the BALSS programme is essential for promoting students’ abilities to apply theory into practice. Through this WIE, in the format of job shadowing or internship that includes a minimum of 60 working hours, students will gain invaluable experience that would boost their curriculum vitae (CV), and better prepare themselves for the real-world work environment upon graduation. Further, WIE offers students first-hand experience in different work contexts that allows them to put their academic knowledge into meaningful practice.


Local and overseas WIE opportunities of our students


  • China Daily (Hong Kong)
  • Solas Project (in Ireland)
  • Speech Therapy Unit, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Ta Kung Po (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Urban Youth Hostel (in Spain)


For enquiries, please contact Mr. Tony Ng at / 852 2766 7460.