CBS student wins the Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholarship

Miss KWAN Hoi Nam Helen, Year 2 student of BA (Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies (BACBS), was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) Scholarships – Undergraduate Scholarship. Funded by the HKJC Charities Trust, this prestigious scholarship offers a maximum of 5 awards to PolyU undergraduate students each year and it covers tuition fees, academic expenses and living costs for the entire normal duration of study of each awardee. What makes Helen stand out in the competitive scholarship award process? Let’s see Helen’s sharing about her scholarship application!


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The experience applying for The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) Undergraduate Scholarship was a self-discovering journey. Every stage throughout the application has inspired me to think a step forward, regarding how much further I can strive in both academic and community service areas. It was challenging yet intriguing to fathom through these essentials.


Looking back to the process, my emphasis on ownership and consistency has led me to receive the recognition from HKJC. Enhancing ownership by creating personal stories, through mapping the reality and facts with personal experiences, has always fascinated me as a student majoring in the Humanities. The relevance and connection built by forming our stories, between myself and our society are crucial for everyone, as we are the prime unit of the community. Instead of listing out well-known facts, the diversity of our stories makes each of them insightful and worthy of being heard. Rather than creating our stories with exceptional experiences, bits and pieces in life are elements that make our stories unique and able to resonate with others. These elements are also key to developing consistency, as we present ourselves on any occasions.


The application process affirmed to me how important it is to be consistent, and to mean what we say at all times. Not only that it makes my presentations more persuasive, but also it bolstered my confidence throughout the selection procedure. Putting words into actions, consistency allows me to own my words and experiences by what I have learned and their impact from an insider's perspective. Through participating in community services and extra learning opportunities, I realized the necessity of consistent dedications towards our goals as it helps me actualize the image of a vivid individual holistically.


As big as the words 'ownership' and 'consistency' may sound, these characters are achievable for everyone and relevant to us in daily life. I would love to take the opportunity to pass on the blessings to all those who have the ambition to ponder a step further and aim a little higher. Opportunities are ahead for us to own it with confidence and joy, by believing in the process leading to our goals!